Jennifer Aniston is struggling with the extra pounds gained after the honeymoon

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The actress Jennifer Aniston, who recently got married to the actor Justin Theroux, significantly put on some weight after the honeymoon. The fresh paparazzi images became the subject of stormy discussions on the network. The fact is that journalists have caught the start from the TV series “Friends” in Los Angeles while jogging. Fans, in turn, began to incriminate Aniston that she relaxed and gained a couple of extra pounds.

We remind you that after the secret wedding ceremony, the couple AnistonTheroux went to the Pacific island of Bora Bora, where, apparently, the celebrity did not have any food restriction and did not “botherpracticing sport. But can you blame the happy bride that she preferred to lie in bed all day with the loved ones instead jogging ?

Jennifer Aniston after the honeymoon

Jennifer Aniston extra pounds gained


We still love Jennifer Aniston, even with the couple of extra pounds!

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