Jared Leto has shared a new photo with him as a Joker

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The photo that appeared online with green hair and red lipstick was published in the Snapchat App. by Jared Leto. This is not the first shot of the actor in a new image, created specially for the transformation into the Joker on the set of the film “Suicide Squad”, but on this, the face of the singer and actor can be seen in detail.

Jared Leto as a Joker

The transformation of the long-haired brunette Jared Leto into his hero is watched by the whole world and not the first month. First, the actor shortened the length of the hair and change its color to a platinum blond, but Jared did not stop on this. After the first wave of beauty treatments, followed staining the hair in green – the classic hair color of his hero. Leto hardly gets used to the role of his character and in live concerts he sometimes changes his voice to the one that was chosen by him for the Joker. We will not be surprised if he will continue the world tour having a fully transformation into his character.

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