Jared Leto has bulked up for the role as The Joker

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The filming of the movie “Suicide Squad”, where Jared Leto plays the role of the Joker, is in full swing: recently, on the network appeared the first photo of the main character, but now we have lost count on how many photos related to changes in the appearance due to the role of the villain, the actor has posted on his own Instagram account.

So this time, the actor published a photo, which resulted in most of the wild delight of his fans. It becomes clear that the actor isn’t going to the gym only since yesterday.

Jared Leto bulked up

The impressive changes of the actor for The Joker are not the first in his career. In 2006, Leto gained about 66 pounds¬† for the role of John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman, in “Chapter 27”. A couple of years ago, Jared, on the contrary, has lost 33 pounds for the role of an AIDS patient, a transsexual prostitute in the film “Dallas Buyers Club.” We remind you that for this role, Let was awarded the “Oscar” in the “Best Actor” category.

Jared Leto muscle

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