Gwen Stefani’s husband cheated on her with a young nanny for three years

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Recently, the news that Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale divorced after 13 years of marriage, shocked the singer’s fans. They did not understand why one of Hollywood’s strongest couples made such a decision. Initially Gwen was criticized, as she twisted romance with a colleague on the shop floor and an old friend Blake Shelton, then appeared other details on the star couple breakup. It turned out that Gavin cheated on Gwen for three years … with the nanny of their children!

The history repeats: a few months ago, the online community was discussing Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce, who broke up because of the nanny Christine Ouzounian. Now, another similar situation shocked Hollywood.

Gwen Stefani's nanny with children

If to believe the tabloids, spouse’s infidelity became the last straw for Gwen. An insider said that several years, Gavin had (and maybe still has) a sexual relationship with the nanny Mindy Mann, who helped in the education of couple‘s three sons: nine-year Kingston, seven-year Zuma and two-year Apollo.

Gwen Stefanis and Christine Ouzounian

By the way, bloggers noticed that Gwen and Gavin’s nanny is very similar to Stephanie. She does everything possible to copy the style and image of celebrities: she has lightened the hair and turned into a platinum blonde and also dresses in the same style as Gwen.

The breakup of the star couple began to be discussed back in August and then the news on the sudden divorce shocked the fans of the two celebrities. Gavin Rossdale even announced he plans to receive alimony from almost ex wife.

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