Gwen Stefani is going hard through a divorce in the new music video

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Gwen Stefani’s and No Doubt single Don’t Speak is apparently one of the most famous song about breakup. Once, it was on top of all charts and its music video was shown on all music channels. Afterwards, Gwen took care about her solo career and threw herself in the family life. The singer was releasing songs but those could be barely compared with the success of her past merits.

Recently, the singer experienced really serious and very hard changes in her life. After 13 years of joint life (and 20 years of relationship!) she divorced with her husband, the frontman of the rock band Bush, Gavin Rossdale. The spouses have fight until the end for their marriage and even attended a family psychologist but unfortunately the efforts weren’t of any help. The divorce have got on her nerves significantly. Thus, Gavin tried to win by court action half of the assets and claimed money for his allowance.

Gwen Stefani Used to Love You

The singer apparently decided to share her fears to the whole world. Recently, Gwen presented the song Used to Love You and later shared with us a very sad music video.

The video is shot in enlarged view. During the whole music video, Gwen is looking at the camera, sometimes turning away not being able to hide her feelings. At the end of the video, her eyes are in tears but she is calming down and shaking her head.

The song and the video were gladly appreciated. Probably, in the future, the song will be able to follow the success of Gwen’s main single.

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