Gisele Bündchen first appearance after the surgery for breast correction

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This summer, Gisele Bundchen  underwent a surgery for the correction of breast shape. She turned into a whole show her process of going to the clinic of plastic surgery ! To hide from the paparazzi, Gisele came to see a doctor in a burqa, however, she forgot to take out the outdoor footwear, which is not allowed according to the canon.

Recently, the model appeared in public with new breasts. She presented her book in Brazil, released for the 20th anniversary of the model career. The album contains Giselle’s 300 most beautiful photos. The cost of publication is 700 dollars apiece. She released on sale only a thousand of copies, and they were all sold out immediately after the presentation.

Gisele Bundchen presented her book in Brazil

However, paparazzi were more interested in Bundchen’s breasts. Although she was wearing an easy fit dress, the stares of the press did not hide the fact that the model has increased and adjusted a little the shape which was somehow changed after the birth of two children.

Gisele Bundchen new breasts

after the surgery for breast correction

Giselle has a five year old son Benjamin and a two-year daughter Vivian.

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