George Clooney’s wife got a role in a movie

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The wife of the actor George Clooney, the lawyer Amal Alamuddin decided to follow her wife’s steps and started the career of an actor. According to journalists, the human rights activist took the decision about the change of activities and enrolled in acting classes. The 37-year-old beauty is already enjoying the first results of her work: she won the role in a TV series! The wife of the actor will play in the TV series “Icon” about the famous models of the 80’s.

It is unclear what helped her to get the role so quickly – her acting talent or the star husband – but it is known that the director of the movie, where will star Alamuddin, will become the supermodel Cindy Crawford, who is the wife of Clooney’s best friend – Randy Gerber.

George Clooneys wife Amal Alamuddin started the career of an actor

Note that tabloids are actively discussing the rumors that supposedly the most famous Hollywood childfree George Clooney and his wife soon plan to have children. The couple is already attending a center for family planning and equips the house for the future kids. Insiders say that Amal started to work more less and ceased taking on new business. We hope that the acting career of the beauty will not affect the family matters of the couple Clooney-Alamuddin.

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