Charlize Theron dazzled Hong Kong with a “metal” dress

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Charlize Theron beauty is literally dazzling. Recently, the singer attended the presentation of a huge Hong Kong hotel resort, amazing the visitors with her futuristic attire. The woman looked stunning wearing a fitted dress, sewn with sequins in gold color.

The dress of the actress looks like it is doused with liquid gold. Journalists have noted that Charlize provides an example to her peers. Is it possible to say that the beauty is 40 years old?

By the way, at the beginning of August, Charlize became mother for the second time! She adopted a girls, giving her the name August. In 2012, the actress adopted a boy from South Africa, named Jackson.

Charlize Theron metal dress

However, in the life of the celebrity occurred also tragedies. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, the actor Sean Penn. The loving couple was planning to get married on August 7, on the birthday of the celebrity. Though, just a month before the marriage ceremony, the celebrity couple officially announced their separation.

Charlize Theron 2015 Hong Kong

After the break up, the 54-year-old Penn was seen in the company of other women. Curiously, the 39-year-old Charlize was to become his wife in August, but this has not happened, and then she adopted the baby, naming her August.

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