Channing Tatum danced twerk in front of the fans

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Recently, Channing Tatum managed to heartily have fun. The actor played his fans as part of the promotional campaign of the new movie “Magic Mike XXL” with his participation.

Tatum personated from a 35-years-old handsome man into an 70-years-old man and appeared in a new look in one of the cinema. The actor easily interviewed several guests, who failed to recognize in the bald bearded old man the Hollywood star.

Channing Tatum 70-years-old new look

In the hall, the audience was pleasantly surprised by the dance of the suddenly appeared strippers. Those, in turn, dragged “the old man” Channing to the improvised dance floor. It is better to see once than to describe a hundred times the reaction of the public when Tatum danced twerk and took the make-up.

We remind you that Channing Tatum is best known for his main roles in the series of movies such as: “Macho and Botan” and the tapes “Magic Mike”, “White House Down,” “Knockout” and “Step Up.” In 2016, will be released the movie “Gambit” with the participation of the actor.

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