Cate Blanchett has shown her adoptive daughter for the first time

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In March this year, the actress Cate Blanchett and her husband, the movie director Andrew Upton, for the fourth time became parents: the couple adopted a girl named Edith Vivian. The other day, paparazzi made the first pictures of the grown up baby, when she and her mother arrived at the New York airport.

“Oh, she’s wonderful — we’re blessed, we’re absolutely blessed. So I have three boys and a girl she’s great. It is a wonderful thing  when you see your children becoming a pack, sort of independent of you and I am very proud of my sons. I bet you those boys watch out for her”, the actress told at the show Good Morning America.

Note that the baby is remarkably similar to Cate, though she’s not her biological daughter. The girl has blue eyes, blond hair and light skin.

Cate Blanchett daughter

Kate and her husband live in Australia, but they dealt with adoption issues in the United States, where the process is much faster.

“The adoption took place in USA. There’s a lot of children out there who don’t have the good fortune that our biological children do, so it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful to welcome a little girl into our fold. We love her very much”, told Cate.

Cate Blanchett family

We’ll add that Blanchett and Upton, whose wedding took place almost 20 years ago (in 1997), have three biological sons – Dashiell, Ignatius and Roman.

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