Britney Spears successfully loses weight through yoga

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The singer Britney Spears, whose body shape were not always in good condition, decided to lose weight again and take care of her body. The 33-year-old Bri, published a picture on Instagram were she showed her fans a piece of her home training. On the photo, Spears is holding herself in a backwards bend showing at the same time her abs and her slender legs. Also, in one of the interviews, Britt told that she is loosing weight with the help of yoga and cardio trainings.

Britney Spears loses weight

“I start with 20 minutes of intense cardio – usually running – move on to light free weights, body-weight exercises such as push-ups, squats, and sit-ups, then finish it off with a stretch”, shared Britney with Women’s Health.

Britney Spears yoga

We remind you that recently, Britney Spears broke up with her boyfriend Charlie Ebersol and it looks like she is not falling into depression because of that but on the contrary, is dedicating more time to her and return her sexy body shape.

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