Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are together again

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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, the movie couple already becoming a classic, will appear again in their forth project: the release of David O. Russell’s movie, “Joy”, where Lawrence has the role of a mother with many children, who managed to achieve a great success in business. Bradley Cooper’s hero helps Jennifer Lawrence to become from a simple household – a influence business woman. The movie is based on real story of a household named Joy Mangano, who invented the mop, that allow to not bend and wet the hands during cleanup. Thereby, Joy eased the lives of millions of women around the world.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Joy

“Joy” is not the first movie where Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are starring together. The actors have behind common movies such as : “Silver Lining Playbook” (2012), “American Hustle” (2013) and the drama “Serena” (2014). Initially, Angelina Jolie was intended for the main role in “Serena” but she declined the role. Jennifer Lawrence in turn, gave orders that her movie screen husband was Bradley Cooper, the lucky amulet, who in 2013 brought her the Oscar for her role in the drama “Silver Lining Playbook”.

Of course, such a frequent appearance on the screen causes the rumors: are these two together in real life? But no, Jennifer has always stressed that the forty year old Cooper is too old for her.

The premiere of “Joy” is appointed for December 2015. Also, in the project can be seen Robert De Niro.

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