Blake Lively is delighted with her body shape after childbirth

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The actress Blake Lively and the actor Ryan Reynolds, who have a 7 months baby girl named James, are now enjoying parent’s responsibilities. Despite the fact that in press constantly appear reports that the young parents do not quite understand how to raise a child, and often quarrel, Blake’s photoblog repletes with “happy” pictures. And we believe them!

Blake Lively after childbirth

A few days ago, the beautiful actress published on Instagram some pictures where she is wearing a purple bikini, which clearly shows how he breasts have changed thanks to child breastfeeding. Celebrity hurried to note that. “The PERKS of breastfeeding” – signed the picture Blake.

Blake Lively breasts

The celebrity’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, recently confessed that he’s also delighted of his wife’s look.

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