Ashton Kutcher made fun of people’s dependence on smartphones

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Ashton Kutcher has starred in a humorous commercial for the Motorola Mobility. The essence of the video is to show the public how many people can survive without their smartphone. In order to do this, were recruited activists, who in turn were closed in a glass cube and put in front of them their gadget with the screen down. After that, the organizers of the experiment went out of the room on the pretext that they have to solve some technical issues. And they themselves called and wrote activists and observed the reaction of the participants and their actions.

Judging by the video, the boys and girls could not sit idly when on their phone came the message. The subjects began to fidget in the chair, trying to touch the gadget with the nose and so on. The activist could resist 46 seconds without the smartphone then admitted that those seconds seemed like an eternity. Ashton came into the room when smartphone users were giving up. At the end of the video, the celebrity showed the novelty from Motorola and told about the function of the voice message, which allowsto  never touch your gadget.

Ashton Kutcher smartphones dependence

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