Angelina Jolie refused for breast surgery because of thinness

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In recent years, Angelina Jolie has often many appearances and many fans once again drew attention to her unnatural thinness. Recently, Angie turned to plastic surgeons, but they refused her because of weight shortage.

According to rumors, the actress weights less than 90 pounds. This problem worries her husband, the actor Brad Pitt, so much that he insisted on her hospitalization. It was useless. The actress doesn’t bother about her shape, but she is strongly dissatisfied with her breasts. To visually enlarge it, Angie chooses bustier dresses, but in pictures we can see that obviously those dresses are not her size.

Angelina Jolie bustier dress

According to Radar Online, the actress decided to remove the breast implants put after mastectomy and increase the breast using her own fat taken from the abdomen. However, her doctors have given up. In their opinion, Angelina is too thin for this procedure. Maybe now the actress will seriously approach to nutrition and add at least a few pounds.

Angelina Jolie thinness

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