Alone again: Courteney Cox broke up with her boyfriend

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In spring, the 50-year-old actress Courteney Cox has had the status of the bride: the star of the series “Friends” said “yes” to the 38-year-old musician Johnny McDaid and the couple began to prepare for the wedding. The truth is that now, in the press appeared a very different information: they say that the celebrities have decided to part. Insiders say that the actress and the frontman of Snow Patrol have canceled the engagement and broke up a few weeks ago. Courteney has not yet officially announced this because she is very depressed, and she close to a depression. According to a source close to Cox, the initiator of the gap breakup was  Johnny. Last time the couple had some problems in their relationship and because of frequent quarreling the couple even went to a psychologist.

Courteney Cox broke up with Johnny McDaid

“They were going to counseling because they were having issues and fighting a lot, about everything. He just decided he wanted to separate. He hasn’t really given a reason. She is really depressed about it … extremely upset about. She truly is just miserable about it,” told an insider.

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid began to date in September 2013. A year after the beginning of the relationship, the couple announced their engagement, but now Western tabloids are full of news about the separation of the actress and the musician.

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