Alec Baldwin took the three month old baby boy to a fashion show

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Recently, we were happy for the 57-year-old actor Alec Baldwin, who became father for the third time. In July this year, a boy was born to whom the celebrity gave the name Rafael. Although, these days, the father was rough criticized on the Network: Alec took his three month son at one of the show within the New York Fashion Week.

By this act, the star of the movie “The Marrying Man”, according to Internet users, could harm the baby. Despite the noise, light spotlights and a large crowd of people, Alec was tenderly holding his son, watering him from a bottle and playing with him. On the show, the star was accompanied by his wife Hilary and their daughter.

Alec Baldwin three month baby fashion show

Alec Baldwin New York Fashion Week

We remind you that the spouses have already a eighteen months daughter Carmen. Moreover, the 57-year-old actor has a 19-year-old daughter from the first marriage with the actress Kim Basinger.

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