Age it’s just a number: Sexiest Celebs Over 40

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When we think about middle aged woman, we of course imagine an old woman, although she is only 30 years old.. Those of you, who consider that after 40’s life only begins, we hurry to say the same, moreover, we will also add that after 50’s, life continues to flourish and bring bright and positive moments.

Proofs of this are women, who despite laws of nature, dare to be the most wonderful in the world even if they’re not 25 and not even 30. At the same time, their husbands are the most beautiful, successful and sexy men in the world and myriads of men still see them in their dreams …These beautiful celebrities aged 45 more firmly believe that their life have only just begun!

Michelle Pfeiffer (April 29, 1958) – 57 years old

Michelle Pfeiffer sexy celeb over 40

This bright and sexy blonde, proves with her own example that aging can be beautiful, and, thus, we should not hide our age and do not try to look younger. In many interviews, the actress tirelessly repeated that it is stupid to look like you are 30 when you’re 50. One of the main beauty secrets of the actress is the acceptance of her own age.

Michelle Pfeiffer look younger

When being asked about plastic surgeries, Michelle Pfeiffer, of course, gives very vague answers. Speaking of surgeries, the actress said that previously she would have flatly refused it, but now she considers it possible. By the way, many experts note that over the years, Michelle has changed the shape of the nose, cheekbones line, and of course, it is noticeable that the actress regularly makes “beauty shots”. But, at the same time, many agree that Ms. Pfeiffer looks very natural.

Kim Cattrall (August 21, 1956) – 59 years old

Sexiest celebrities Kim Cattrall

This beautiful star is almost 60! The 58-year-old Kim Cattrall has repeatedly recognized that she “worked on her face, but only very little.”

“I had a deep wrinkle between the brows, – says Kim. – And I took it with botox. ”

Every morning, Kim Cattrall takes a cold shower, washes with ice and makes mimic facial gymnastics. She is a very cheerful woman, and when asked about the secrets of her beauty she answers: “Eat good food in the company of good people. Enjoy your life. Maybe a good Sex? Definitively! And do not forget about exercises.”

Kim Cattrall face

Her favorite sports is swimming and surfing. In addition, Cattrall has been practicing active aerobics and dieting almost her entire life. She is carefully counting calories, does not allow herself gastronomic delights and is drinking herbal teas in large quantities.

Demi Moore (November 11, 1962) – 53 years old

Sexy Demi Moore celebrity over 40

Having gone through a divorce with Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore seems even prettier! She is now 52 years old! Despite this, the actress will beat any young beauty. The schedule of the star includes training with a personal trainer in a sports club, weightlifting, pilates and she does not shrink with plastic surgery – all this costs her a year an impressive sum.

Demi Moore beat any young beauty

She is drinking a lot of water, eats greens, vegetables and sea food and tries to avoid stress situations. Demi Moore said once that she is looking great thanks to the leech therapy. She loved this therapy after a trip to Austria, where she was first offered to try an unusual treatment for Hollywood.

“In Austria, I took a course of purification, part of which was the leech therapy. These were no ordinary swamp leeches, but special medical – said Demi. – First, we made a test using one leech, which was put on my stomach. I watched it filling more and more with blood, and then it just fell off. ”

Sharon Stone (March 10, 1958) – 57 years old

Sharon Stone sexiest female celebrities over 40

This is another beauty in our list, who is not 45 but already over 50. Despite her age, Sharon Stone is still a muse for half of the planet’s male population.

“Over the years, I am getting more beautiful, like a delicious Bordeaux”, – says the actress about herself. The most important thing for a woman, according to Sharon Stone, is “to look friendly, graceful and cute, and this can not be achieved with the help of cosmetics.” Fitness helps her maintain the shape and a daily bath with milk and honey gives her skin softness and elasticity. “For me, the bathroom is a holy place. Taking baths is a real meditation,”- said the actress

Amazing Sharon Stone

Sharon does not drink alcohol, does not smoke, she adheres to the principle of a separate nutrition and drinks water and juices only from glass bottles, because she believes that they retain more vitamins. The only thing the star can not refuse is beer. It is very good for the skin and hair due to the increased content of vitamin A.

Monica Bellucci (September 30, 1964) – 51 years old

Hottest celebrities Monica Bellucci

Being once in the ratings of the most beautiful women in the world, the Italian Monica Bellucci does not intent to leave it until now. At her 50’s, she is still beautiful and sexy. We can not say that this Mediterranean beauty is aging: every year she has a more noble appearance. Bellucci’s beauty can be attributed to classical canons: perfect facial features, feminine figure, languid eyes and hot Italian flavor!

Monica Bellucci most beautiful woman

Monica always likes to say that her beauty is momentary, but the experience and wisdom are real wealth, which she considers eternal. However, Bellucci carefully protects all that nature gave her. The diet of the actress contains only useful and balanced food. Among her daily activities are sports and 8 full hours of sleep.

Naomi Campbell (May 22, 1970) – 45 years old

Sexy shapes celeb Naomi Campbell

At her 45, the “black panther”, as she is called among model circles, Naomi Campbell still looks graceful and slender. The model does not hesitate to show her sexy shapes at secular parties and fashion shows, dressing up in stylish form-fitting and transparent outfits.

Model Naomi Campbell

And she really has something to be proud of. At 45, Naomi still casts in advertising campaigns of famous brands, participates in shows of popular designers. The model recognizes that to be in a great shape helps her the detox program, which she uses several times a year. It consists of a discharge day during which she drinks only soda consisting of lemon juice, purified water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup

In addition, Naomi exercises regularly. Her favorite type of sport is Pilates and according to her, it helps her find grace and flexibility. But her main beauty secret is called love for yourself and your body!

Andie MacDowell (April 21, 1958) – 57 years old

Hot over 40 celebrity Andie MacDowell

This well-known actress and model states that she experienced the true happiness and taste for life only after 50! Ideal facial features, beautiful shiny hair, chiseled figure – at her 56 years, the mother of three children looks incredible!

Andie MacDowell youth and beauty secrets

Andie’s secret of eternal youth and beauty is the right diet and lifestyle. She has never been a supporter of strict diets and food systems. According to her, it is enough to eat little and often, not to gain weight and have the strength for physical work. McDowell also has taught her children to eat correctly.

The actress and model recognizes that, despite all the requests of doctors and nutritionists, she will never give up on black coffee. She begins her morning with this drink, adding also milk!

Madonna (August 16, 1958) – 57 years old

Sexy Madonna

At her age, the singer can boast not only with a muscular and beautiful body, but also with an absolutely smooth skin! It is obvious that Madonna often visits the surgeon and stabs hyaluronic acid injections and botox. In addition, the singer changed the shape of the nose, cheeks, chin and lips, and often makes tightening and laser procedures. On anti-aging injections and surgeries, Madonna gives a tidy sum, and the results are obvious! Nerveless, the singer is convincing media the contrary, she says that her entire look is totally natural.

Madonna age

But without that, Madonna is working hard on her body in an attempt to maintain the shape. The singer is a known and devoted fan of yoga and intense workouts.

Kristin Davis (February 24, 1965) – 50 years old

Kristin Davis sexiest celebroties

The well-known Charlotte from the four friendly series “Sex and the City” due to the actress Kristin Davis, became a general favorite and the standard of femininity. At her 50’s, the actress is always devoting her time to her adopted baby daughter, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Few people know that before, Christine suffered from severe alcohol dependence, but fortunately, she was able to win.

Kristin Davis in pink dress

Today, the star is following her diet, she gave up on meat and dairy products. In addition, in the pursuit of a quiet life, Davis changed the bustling and vibrant New York life with a coastal and relaxed life in Los Angeles.

Julia Roberts (October 28, 1967) – 48 years old

Julia Roberts sexy celeb of all time

Once casting in the “Pretty Woman”, Julia Roberts remained forever in this image in the eyes of fans. Today, “Pretty Woman” is 47 years old, but this does not prevent her look stunning! While experts in the field of beauty and beauty bloggers are arguing about whether the actress made a rhinoplasty and liposuction, Roberts says her beauty secret are happiness and a small amount of cream on eyelids.

Julia Roberts beauty

Recently, the actress started to have her own farm: hens, vegetables and even learned to drive a mini-tractor! Julia with his family moved to a small farm, where they are living at the moment. According to the actress, the fresh air and natural healthy foods make her appearance so fresh and blooming!

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