Casual Dresses Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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It’s hard to imagine the female wardrobe without dresses. This garment makes a woman give up a lot of things: a new pencil dress is the best motivation to stop walking around the fridge at night and to get a subscription to a gym, especially if they have to attend an important event or a party, although, we want to look great even every day, feeling comfortable in every outfit. Fashionable fall-winter dresses in the fall-winter 2018-2018 are proof that the success of keeping personal style individuality requires no sacrifice. Although, it seems that we will still have to spend some money to buy a pair of shoes and a purse.

Casual dresses 2019

Transparent Dresses

The popularity of transparent fabrics continues to last for several consecutive seasons, however, designers insist on baring our body to the maximum. Of course, everything has to be with limits, among the famous transparent fabrics are: chiffon, lace and mesh. These can be used in the most diverse combinations that are necessarily filled with thicker fabrics (especially leather and vinyl), with emphasis on asymmetrical shapes and multilateral textures.

Casual transparent dresses fall winter 2018 2019

casual long black



short transparent

What dresses to wear in autumn 2018

casual transparent



trendy lace




Even if we do not talk about evening dresses, casual dresses also require unusual decisions. In the 2018-2018 fall-winter season, designers pay more attention to the sleeves. Generally, the pattern can be simple, but unusual sleeves can even transform a basic monochromatic dress. Here are three of the most stylish sleeves on the catwalk.

Puffy Sleeves

The puffs or lanterns sleeves have been known since childhood because they are part of any festive blouse. At the top this is bulky, and at the bottom is narrow and is usually provided with a cuff. The popularity of such sleeves originates in the 80’s, when the narrow shoulders became the symbol of that era. In the next ten years, the puff sleeves met only on school uniforms and wedding outfits, although in the new season these are among the most current trends.

Casual dresses fall 2018 winter 2019: puffy sleeves


long midi

Bishop Sleeves

Fashion is changing, so even today we see the echo of the past centuries. Bishop’s sleeve comes from the middle Ages. Initially, these were considered to be elements of masculine wardrobe, and especially of church clerics, and only in the nineteenth century appeared in feminine fashion. In our times, bishop sleeves meet everywhere, decorating blouses and different designs of fashionable dresses.

What casual dresses to wear in 2019

Casual long sleeved dresses


What does this type of sleeve mean? Typically, they are distinguished by volume and free cut. The bishop sleeves have an abstract shape: the cloth falls lightly from the shoulders to the wrist, where we can admire a thick cuff, and this area is wider.

Casual dresses fall 2018



Rococo Style Sleeves

One of the main trend in casual dresses for the fall-winter season 2018-2018 is the bulky sleeves, as you could see from the previous examples. Still, designers have gone further, turning them into busty sleeves, which can be associated with prom dresses from previous centuries. The tapestry textures, the typical upholstery, the atlas and the velvet prints, as well as the variations on historical themes, get an absolutely new shape.

Casual dresses winter 2019

So the simplest option would be the so-called Juliette sleeve, which is nothing but the combination of a simple and long sleeve and frill at the top of it. If you want to apply such sleeves in practice, do not forget that the dress design should be as simple as possible.


elegant knee length

Casual dresses with one bare shoulder

This is definitely the most feminine and sexy dress design. It would seem like this type of dress is suitable for the cocktail theme, although this season designers have decided to change the look a bit and make it suitable for everyday use. If you opt for such design, we recommend choosing more thick fabrics with minimal prints and local accents such as applications, color spots and trimming. Certainly the 2018-2018 fall-winter season is the asymmetry that can be absolutely different, though, the place of honor occupies the dresses with a bulky shoulder.

Casual asymmetric dress fall winter 2018 2019

Casual dresses with bare shoulder


mini one sleeved

Embroideries and Prints

These so loved decorative elements are again fashionable. Now they decorate the most comfortable clothes, including sweater-dresses and t-shirt dresses. The patterns are simple, but sometimes they are meant to look more special, and here we can use interesting accents like the applications.

Casual dresses 2019 with embroidery

trendy prints

High shoulders and squared cut

The echo of the disco era is still heard in the modern fashion industry. Short dresses with square silhouette, resembling slightly modified men’s blazers, are back in fashion. Such an effect is achieved by straight cuts and high shoulders, and a special charm adds the V-neckline. The last element has not only aesthetic significance but also practical. The high shoulder line visually shortens the neck, and the V-neckline in this case, creates the missing balance.



At first glance, such an outfit seems totally inappropriate to be worn daily, but if fashion trends are considered, even the most extravagant idea can be transformed into a perfect set of day. Another more suitable option is the pattern with smaller shoulders (as opposed to the options presented by designers), thicker fabrics and darker shades.

Black short casual dresses


So, borrowing ideas on the catwalk, even if these seem strange and too complicated, can create many casual looks, because the main tool in the art of creating our own style is the creative approach and the ability to take out what’s unnecessary.



What casual dresses to wear in winter 2019



So, as you may have realized, the winter-fall 2018-2018 dresses designs turned out to be quite “friendly” and accessible to each of us. The choice is yours exclusively. Be beautiful every day!

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