British fashion and style

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The English style of clothes is primarily beauty, harmony and a certain conservatism, evident in all things created in the world’s fashion capital. The modern English style is the top of sophistication and elegance that elevates it into a cult among fashionistas of all countries and continents. Today, without the classic British pieces one can not imagine his life, because all the most stylish coats, jackets, pants and dresses came to us from there. Besides listed features, the British style is characterized by simplicity, rigor, practicality and convenience. I propose to see what the experts embody with the English fashion.

A — Alexander McQueen

One of the most famous designers in the UK, now has left this world, did not live up to his 41st anniversary with just 1 month. According to investigators, the designer committed suicide after the death of his mother. Until now, people whisper his name, but other people involved in his business, blossomed with new colors, but left behind the memory of the genius Alexander.

Alexander McQueen

B — Barbour

The Barbour group, which has a history of over 100 years, has always been identified with its quality outerwear, although the brand is also specialized in sweaters manufacturing and in the production of accessories, and many others. The Barbour clothes are chosen by the most famous British fashionistas like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung.


C — Kate Middleton

Ever since Kate Middleton married Prince William, she is called as “English rose”. The style and the beauty of the princess gave her a huge number of fans and admirers around the world. Kate prefers native British brands, praising the conservatism of those things that they are creating.

Kate Middleton

D — Dr. Martins

Klaus Martins first constructed iconic footwear after the Second World War, and first gained recognition in the 60’s. Until now, these shoes are popular and loved by both girls and young people.

Dr. Martins

E — Emma Watson

The  franchise “Harry Potter” conquered the whole world and with its release, we found out about such a pretty little girl like Emma Watson. Now, when the Harry Potter” shooting is finished, Emma continues her career and becomes closer to the title of a “style icon”.

Emma Watson

F — Florence Welch 

The British fashion can be eccentric and sometimes this is proved by the singer singer Florence Welch, who compelled the attention not only with ambiguous outfits, but also with her divine voice.

Florence Welch

G — Glastonbury

Glastonbury  is the English rival of the American music festival Coachella. At Glastonbury, there is certainly less celebrities, but the scale of it is not inferior to other fests.


H — Hipsters

Hipster, hipsters (indie kids)  the term that appeared in the US in the 1940’s, formed from the slang “to be hip”, which is translated roughly as “to be in the picture” (from here “hippies”). The word originally meant a special representative of the subculture that emerged among fans of jazz music; nowadays it is commonly used in the sense of urban youth, interested in elitist foreign culture and art, fashion, alternative music and indie rock, arthouse cinema, contemporary literature, etc.


I — Indie style

Clothing in indie style is not a classic, but artistic and creative diversity. In Britain, things from second-hand, shapeless sweaters, whisker jeans and worn sneakers  are also considered stylish.

Indie style

J — Jessie J

This singer has a highly original style and her songs are loved by the audience , and that means they love also her appearance, with all its goods and bads. Jay is a bright representative of the British music school, along with Adele and Leona Lewis.

Jessie J

K —Kate Moss

In the 90’s, as well as nowadays, Kate Moss is one of the most notable models. Her grunge style is appropriate to most free from the prejudices of girls.

Kate Moss

L — London Fashion Week

Twice a year, British designers are presenting items that will be popular in the next season. Usually, all that is shown within the London Fashion Week is taken on a note, as this is one of the major fashion weeks around the world.

London Fashion Week

M — Mulberry

Where to buy high quality and beautiful bags and accessories in London? Of course at Mulberry.


N — Net-A-Porter

Net-A-Porter is the most famous and successful online clothing store created by Natalie Massenet. That’s where you can buy items from well-known brands at ridiculous prices, if to get to the sales in time.


O — Oxford Street

The most busy street in London, where can be found the maximum number of fashion boutiques.

Oxford Street

P — Paul Smith

Sir Paul Smith is one of the best designers of Great Britain. He is mainly involved in tailoring stylish menswear, thanks to which he received recognition.

Paul Smith

Q — Queen Elizabeth II

A national figure. The 88-year-old queen – is “our all” for the British people.

Queen Elizabeth II

R — Rain Coats (of course Burberry)

To Albion rains is the most frequent weather phenomenon, and to somehow escape from them, the classic trench coats are used.

Burberry Rain Coat

S — The Smithsons

A British company specializing in the production of luxury goods, leather goods and other fashion goods.

The Smithsons

T — Topshop

Stores of this British brand are present worldwide, that is why enjoys such a fame. It is worth noting that if you want to be dressed in English style” but did not want to spend too much, then Topshop is what you need.


U — Great Britain flag

Union Jack is the most common print not only in England but also in other countries. You could even say more: the UK flag is the most famous and beloved on the whole planet. There were created as many t-shirts and bags with his image, that can be easy to lose count.

Great Britain flag

V — Vivienne Westwood

A charismatic lady and a talented designer. In oder to come into the fashion world, she has to pass many difficulties and obstacles. 

Vivienne Westwood

W — Wellington boots

This way were named in the UK and the former colonial countries the wellies that first appeared in England by modifying the military jackboots, samples from the XVIII century.

Wellington boots

X — Lulu Guiness

Young fashion designer, known for the creation of original t-shirts, bags and accessories.

Lulu Guiness

Y — Young people

England counts on its young models, especially on Cara Delevingne.

Young people

Z — Funny prints

British designers skillfully develop more new interesting prints, which would prettify the everyday routine of all girls..

Funny prints