Booties and Ankle Boots Fall-Winter 2017-2017

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Booties are a type of highly demanded footwear among modern women. Each year, they are becoming more popular because it can survive great with virtually any fashion garment. Therefore, let’s see what are the booties trends for fall-winter 2017-2017 season.

Women 2018 ankle boots

Massive heels and platforms

If previously ankle boots have to be with tall and very thin stilettos, then modern fashion has introduced some changes in this rule. It is known that the footwear collections are currently crammed with massive heels and platforms, which also can be seen at ankle boots. Also it is observed that designers tend to give up a little on very sexy and refined outfits, offering more brutal and masculine looks. For example, Marc Jacobs and Maison Margiela propose to wear ankle boots with massive heels over thick thighs and socks, while Dolce & Gabbana has decorated its designs with metal rivets.

What ankle boots to wear in 2018

platforms and heels

Contrasting Inserts

Contrasting side inserts are very famous cut elements, they used in the new cold season by known brands such as Ralph Lauren and Versace. Moreover, such inserts must necessarily differ from the rest of the footwear either by material or by color.

Fall 2017 ankle Boots

Winter 2018 Boots

Pointed Toe

The pointed toe is able to confer any footwear a certain charm and elegance. And if you like sober and refined looks, then this option is for you. Ankle boots with pointed toe may be supplemented by laces (Derek Lam) or miniature straps (Bottega Veneta).


Ankle boots with frills

Frills are modern elements of footwear decoration. However, it is known that fashion does not stand still. Designers are increasingly urging us not to stop at the classical methods of decoration, making experiments on various garments. Due to such artistic growth, nice and romantic frills can now be found on footwear. We must say that in this case they look as harmonious as on skirts and dresses (examples can serve the fashion presentations from Rodarte and Fendi).
Ankle boots with frills Fall Winter 2017 2018


Laced Ankle Boots

Laced footwear are again in the top of footwear fashion trends. Shoelaces can be found both on highboots and shoes, as well as on booties. Sometimes shoelaces are found only as decoration. Very often laced ankle boots are complemented by some type of accessories like bows, straps, zippers, etc.

What ankle boots to wear in Fall 2017

medium heel

Women laced booties

Ankle boots with tread

This is the novelty in the fashion world: association of brutality with femininity, comfort and practicability and style. What woman does not dream of a pair of comfortable and beautiful footwear? However, we all know how hard it is to find such a pair that would satisfy all requirements simultaneously. In help comes the tread, which makes footwear extremely comfortable without depriving a woman of feminine rights thereof, to be beautiful and stylish. How was fitted the tread, show us Maison Margiela, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton.

thick thread sole

What women’s booties to wear in winter 2018

Decor elements

The most wanted decorative elements are: tassels (Burberry, Dries Van Noten), metallic gasket and floral applications (Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana), decorative zippers and straps (Boss, Ralph Lauren), rhinestones, etc. If some designers have used the methods listed above, then others used the original line-cutting. For example, Narciso Rodriguez presented booties with pointed toe and deep cutouts. Brands have tried to use any method to give their items originality and style.

Elegant women’s ankle boots

Stylish ankle boots for women


casual booties

As you can see, fashion ankle boots for 2017-2017 fall-winter season enjoy us again with a very rich diversity. Do you want classic booties – choose leather designs with high heels. Do you like experiments? Try the tread with various decorative elements. Do you love elegance and refinement – you have available the pointed toe and for admirers of extravagance, we have very high and thick heels.

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