Best Jeans for Women Spring-Summer 2018

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There is nothing in this world that could shade the popularity of the beloved jeans because this garment combines not only comfort, but also impeccable style. In addition, they have earned their well-deserved place in the wardrobe of any woman. If you wear a pair of dark blue shortened jeans, with high waist and a large white shirt, you will surely get rid of the enemy called “what to wear”. Moreover, this laconic combination can be diversified with truly summer-fitting accessories: a mini yellow purse, sandals in the same shade and some solid wood bracelets, and you instantly get a great look. The benefits of outfits that assume the presence of jeans is that they can not be overly sophisticated and do not leave the impression that they have been thinking a long time before being worn. Simplicity and innocence, even with slight negligence, are what makes the image look stylish and natural.

Jeans trends 2018

If you decided to renew your basic wardrobe this spring, we recommend you to draw attention to seasonal designer’s hints. When choosing the ideal pair of fashionable jeans in spring-summer 2018, focus on your body’s particularity as well as the style that predominates in the wardrobe you already have.

Women jeans trends 2018

Boyfriend Jeans

The elements of the male style have long ago found their place in the female wardrobe, namely pant suits, oversized coats and, of course, boyfriends jeans. For several years, this pants design do not go out of style and out of fashion look books and this season is no exception. Generally, time does not turn this pattern in any way, but on the contrary, adds some fresh accents in the form of embroidery and decoration, but in very rare cases.

Classic women’s boyfriend are characterized by a medium waistline that is a little below the abdomen, the length bares the ankle, and the cuffs seem to make the impression that the jeans are large and it was necessary to breathe to match the size. As decoration, we can see only thorns, many perforations, and sometimes embroidery. Boyfriends can be accessorized with a durable leather belt.

boyfriend jeans 2018 spring summer

outfits with trendy boyfriends


To create original combinations, based on this design of fashionable jeans in the spring-summer season 2018, you can boldly combine various styles. The most successful combinations are with long office jackets and oversized blouses in light shades and made of light fabrics that will be arranged inside the pants.

What jeans to wear in summer 2018

ripped boyfriends

Capri Jeans

Such a model is characterized by the trend to completely uncover the ankle and highlight the waist and thigh line. Skinny at the top and slightly flared at the bottom, these jeans look elegant and refined, although they impose certain conditions: the body must be absolutely perfect because this pattern does not only highlight the advantages but also the disadvantages. In addition, shoes should be chosen to either reveal the ankle area, or completely cover the foot, and no compromise. The most suitable options are boots, stiletto shoes, loafers or pumps. To create a retro-style look, you can choose short jeans in combination with medium thick heeled shoes or combine them with leopard prints.

Capri jeans spring summer 2018

wide leg capri

office style Capri pants

Celebrities in Capri jeans with high waist

Flared jeans

In the 2018 spring-summer season, flared jeans are definitively and forever back in the list of fashion trends. Closeness of thigh area is again very popular! Their advantage is the long legs, and the design involves a low waistline, which is offset by the length: the bottom of the jeans covers the shoe. Flared jeans must be worn with high heels, but they have nothing against biker jackets, high collar sweaters, office jackets, crop-tops, hats and backpacks. The basic features of the flared jeans are femininity and accentuated fineness. These characteristics must be preserved by any woman, regardless of the look she has.

Women flared jeans 2018 spring summer

wide flare


Fashionable flared jeans 2018

Jeans with applications

Throughout the age of jeans, designers are trying to invent a new way to make this fashion item unique. Slits and cuts, rivets, beads and rhinestones – now we can include applications in this list and it is not a new decoration item – they were worn in the 80’s (or even before).

To decorate your pants with bold applications, you do not have to spend a lot of money on branded models. Applications can be purchased in any specialized store, are not so expensive, and are easy to fix with iron. Thus, old jeans can get a different look without spending a lot of money.

Jeans with applications 2018 spring summer


What jeans to wear in 2018

Contrast Shades

Designers still hope to reinvent the bike and they seem to have succeeded this time! It would seem that you no longer have what to impress with modern fashionistas, especially if it is such a fashion item like jeans. The trend of the 2018 spring-summer season is jeans that combine two contrast shades of the same color. For example, the combination of intense blue and light blue, located in absolutely different places and in absolutely amazing ways. For example at pockets, stripe, cuffs, as well as the most interesting option, trouser leg of different colors.

mom fit jeans 2018


skinny patterns


Black Skinny

When you make your shopping list for the wardrobe renewal, you need to check the black skinny jeans in the “mandatory” category. This detail is indispensable not only to those who prefer black outfits for every occasion, but also to those who adore simple shapes. By the way, classic black skinny jeans (without cutouts and thorns) can become a great option for office-style pants. They highlight body shapes, extend legs and look ideal in combination with jackets, shirts, fine lace tops and oversized sweaters.

What jeans to wear in summer 2018

ripped skinny

Black skinny pattern

So, as we could see, the spring-summer season 2018 comes with an enormous variety of fashion jeans. Be it flared, skinny, boyfriend or any other designs, remember that you are the one who decides what suit you most. Embrace patience and run to the nearest shop to buy your ideal pair of jeans, which will make you look impeccably in the long awaited warm season.

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