Best Jackets Spring-Summer 2018

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Here we bring to your attention the 2018 spring-summer jackets trends. This year, the collections presented by designers contained many bomber jackets, military style, denim, the style of the 90’s and a variety of leather jackets. Further, we’ll describe in detail each type of jacket to help you make the perfect choice.

Womens 2018 Jackets

Bomber Jackets

Fashion bomber jackets are now presented in other designs, including in metallic shades of silver and eco leather. How to wear a bomber jacket? Wear it with jeans, skirts, summer sundresses, laced negligee, shorts and midi skirts.

bomber jackets spring summer 2018


Vinyl and waterproof fabrics

Have you ever thought that the jackets worn by someone when they go to the country or only when it rains will be presented in enormous quantities on the catwalk and in collections of designers? These will look great in combination with skinny jeans, miniskirts, short dresses and trendy shorts, but necessarily with a pair of fashionable shoes that will make it look current and not trivial.

What jackets to wear in 2018

vinyl designs

Genuine Leather Jackets: biker jackets with embroidery, colored, very short designs

Designers continue to reinterpret the biker leather jackets, proposing metal studded super brutal designs or designs with romantic colorful embroidery. How to wear the new leather biker jackets? Wear them with dresses and skirts in chiffon o transparent tulle, short negligee dresses of silk and satin, shorts, skinny pants, skirts and asymmetrical wrap dresses, frilled skirts.

Leather jackets spring summer 2018

Stylish leather jacket



Sport jackets

Sport chic penetrates more deeply into ready-to-wear fashion with absolute and steady steps. And here we see that sport jackets have ceased to be part of the sport suits and are worn even in combination with other styles. Try to combine them with dresses, negligees, chiffon skirts, leather skirts and pants, midi pencil skirts and godet.

Women sport style jacket

What jackets to wear in spring 2018


In fashion are the nineties and the indispensable denim fashion, including the double on. It is enough to see the amount of denim jackets, including oversize, to realize how they are and will be required. Wear them in summer with floral dresses and skirts, white summer pants, mini and midi wrap skirts, pencil skirts or frilled skirts.

Womens jackets spring summer 2018 denim

What jackets to wear in summer 2018

Large Pockets

If you have a slender bust and not very wide shoulders, then you can opt for a jacket with big inserted pockets, which today are among the hottest trends of the season.

jackets with big pockets 2018 spring summer

stylish with large pockets

Shiny Metallic Fabrics

Fabrics with silver metal effect are in high demand this warm season. Such jackets make the style look bold, unusual and modern. Metallic jackets will be worn with clothing in contrast (matte, dull, simple and casual).

Women jackets trends 2018

2017 best women fashion jackets


Suede leather is also a part of basic wardrobe like denim or biker jacket, but it is just in a different category. Suede jackets in warm and hottest shades look stylish and noble, but only when they do not contain harsh decor and intricate cut, that can make them look “cheap”.

Spring summer 2018 women suede jacket


Leopard Print

Hundreds of times stylists were telling us that the leopard print can be worn only by bold and confident ladies because this print make the look aggressive, sometimes vulgar, depending on appearance and other details of the wardrobe. But lately we can see a tendency of “domestication” of this predator animal. Pair it with short leather skirts and shorts, thin knitted dress, thick stockings and miniskirt, long monochromatic chiffon dress.

Fashion leopard printed jacket 2018


The style of the 90’s: jackets with embroidery and applications

The nineties are memorable by the trend to combine fashion with individuality. Grunge style and denim with embroidery and applications that emphasize the rebel character and eccentricity of its owner are the most memorable moments.

Summer 2018 best jackets with applications

Spring 2018 jackets with embroidery

Cowboy jackets with fringes

Fringes are very popular in 2018 and fringed jackets are the embodiment of authentic cowboy style with which you can play, creating unusual looks, with long skirts and flowered lightweight dresses.

Women jackets with fringes 2018 spring summer


Military Style

This year, military style does not put limits in terms of cut and color range, being very varied. On the one hand, in fashion shows we can see the military options with which we are accustomed, namely jackets in shades of khaki. On the other hand, we can see in many collections jackets and blazers in bright shades, in the style of officer’s uniform, whose rich décor emphasize the personality of its owner.

Women jacket 2018 military style

fashion military style

So, the 2018 spring-summer season delights us with an impressive variety of fashion jackets designs. To make the perfect choice, you’ll have to study well the proposed options and choose what you like and what suits you the best.

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