Best Jackets Fall-Winter 2018-2018

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Cyclones that visit us all lately make us sometimes wear shorts and sometimes a fluffy jacket. A jacket is that piece of clothing that can be worn when the sunny and warm weather becomes suddenly cool and gloomy. That’s why the question inevitably arises, is it not time to recreate this fashion detail? What’s the trend this year?

In this article you will see what trends remain as current and what the fashion designers present to us so that we will not be left unnoticed on the urban streets.

Jackets for women 2019

Very short jackets

In the new fall-winter season, we are urged to wear mini jackets, and the shorter they are, the better. The most comfortable length is up to the waist, but some patterns even get under the bust, making it really a kind of bra. Such jackets are greatly blended with dresses, skinny pants, jeans.

The fabrics are recommended to be chosen in accordance with the autumn and winter months: raincoats, matte or varnished leather, suede or sheep skin. Many patterns are complemented with fur collars. The trendy shades are in the range of red-brown, beige and black colors.

Short jackets fall winter 2018 2019

Best mini patterns


Women’s jackets for fall 2018

Bomber jackets

Clothes whose popularity is growing more and is more likely to reach older ladies. Although this pattern is somewhat borrowed from the men’s closet, the bomber jacket is great with skirts and dresses, and if it is made of leather or fur, certainly any lady will want to have such a design in her arsenal.

Fashionable bomber jacket 2019

The diversity of designs allows us to look impressive and extravagant, or discreet and even stylish. Fashionable are bomber jackets made of raincoats and quilted jackets, combined with fur details. Monochromatic patterns are presented in either succulent shades or traditional shades like gray, khaki, black, but with lining, cuffs and elastic collar in lighted shades. Fashionable décor is the application that can be sewn not only on the sleeves but also on the whole surface of the jacket.

Jackets for girls


Bomber jackets for women


The biker leather jackets are complemented with buttons, rivets, zips, fringes, suede and patent leather inserts, small stones, silver and gold threads.

For those who prefer office style, we recommend choosing a blazer-jacket with a turn-down collar and inserted pockets of matte and patent leather, in black, blue and brown shades. In casual style are the long models with the right cut and the oversize parka jackets.

Leather jackets fall 2018 winter 2019

Fall jackets 2018



Glamour, glitter

Glamour, glitter, dance – disco motifs are still fashionable. It does not matter what the chosen pattern is: short, to the middle of the thighs or slightly above the knee. It is important that it shines, from fabrics like brocade, metallic raincoat, atlas, sparkles, etc. To enhance the effect, the glossy jacket is matched with the same clothing – dresses, skirts, atlas pants and other metallic shades, glossy leather. Ideal shoes are those made of patent or shiny leather. Fashionable colors, except black, blue, bronze, chocolate, cream.


What jackets to wear in 2019


Winter jackets 2019

Down and quilted jackets

Quilted jackets are simply indispensable in the fall of this year. The actual length is the one that covers the top of the thighs. In addition to quilted fabrics, the texture is also fashionable and creates an interesting relief. Colors are very varied: from traditional shades to ethnic style. Designers in particular loved the white color. The pattern can be a bomber, classic straight jackets with trench elements, sport jackets with expressive details such as pockets and a high collar.

With the appearance of the first frosts, our focus is on comfy puffs. Besides the traditional length, the down jacket can also be short. Although these do not match our temperatures, we have to admit that designers’ ideas are just amazing. Lighted shades, contrasting decoration, special sleeve trim, strident collars – in such clothing it is impossible not to catch the attention of others.

Quilted jackets for women

casual ladies



Down jackets

Parka Jackets

Parka is a long warm jacket, indispensable in fashion shows. The most trendy designs for the 2018-2018 fall-winter season are the sports in several nuances and sewn with patches.

Designs of sport-style parkas have the pattern and elements similar to those of a ski jacket. Usually, under this type of jacket, a dense knit suit is worn, although, the parka can also be combined with classic pants, especially if they are in the same color. Parkas sewn from colorful details look great in combination with similar accessories, and original applications create a great look.

parka jacket fall winter 2018 2019

Best embroidered

Fur Jackets

This season you have to take out the fur jackets from the wardrobe, without which you can not get out of the winter. Moreover, in the new season fur jackets fully correspond to fashion trends: in trend are the short designs, bombers, patterns with avant-garde elements, where the jacket is made of fur and the collar of raincoat fabrics, and not as we are used to see. There are also classic combinations: tough velvet or suede and fur collar. And, of course, they could not miss the jackets with the right silhouette.

Fur jacket 2018 2019 fall winter


What jackets to wear in winter 2019

fashionable fur


Total look

The same color from head to toe is the new trend of the 2018-2018 autumn-winter season. And this is not only a total white or total black look, but also in shades of red, green, pink, claret, brick and even floral print, starting with the hat and ending with the shoe and the bag. Underneath can be worn everything: turtlenecks or vests with pants, overalls or dress – it is important that all these pieces have the same color or the same print.


Warm jackets for winter

winter best


Therefore, in the new 2018-2018 cold season, it will be very easy to make the right choices in the field of jackets and to be in step with fashion. It is important not to forget that you are unrepeatable!

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