Best Haircuts for Women 2019

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Modern haircuts are characterized by simplicity and creative style. Well cared hair attracts the attention of others. To be fully armed before the new season, you must first think about what haircuts will be fashionable in 2019. World-class stylists and hairdressers know in advance what future trends are, and to create an elegant, modern look, take into account the recommendations of the professionals.

2018 haircuts female

A new haircut is the ideal solution if you want changes. In addition, 2019 women haircuts trends represent a variety of elegant and interesting ideas for any length, type and hair color. It’s important to choose a hairstyle that really suits you; it will help highlight perfections and conceal imperfections and, of course, correspond to current fashion trends.

2018 Women Haircuts Trends

The stylists unanimously confirm that in the coming season the key trends will be lightness, naturalness and innocence. The haircut must not only be in perfect harmony with the general appearance of the wearer, but also look slightly disordered. Light negligence, soft braids, all sorts of graduated haircuts put on the second level hairstyles that were extremely demanding, such as ideally smooth hair bun and symmetrical hairstyles. You will not be wrong if you opt for a long oblique bang with thinned hairs, slightly ruffled. Stylists say that such a bang will ideally look in combination with bob haircut. Extremely popular will also be retro hairstyles, graduated and the textured.

Haircut trends 2019

What haircuts are in style 2019

Hairstyles 2019 short hair bob

Women's haircuts 2019 medium bob


Layered thinned haircuts

Long haircuts trends 2019

Best short haircuts designs

Celebrity haircuts 2019





Short haircuts 2019

Short haircuts 2019 are the stylish feminine pixie haircut that completes the list of the most fashionable haircuts for several consecutive seasons. For example, in the Milan fashion week in the Tom Ford collection was featured by models with such stylish hairstyles.

Best short hair haircuts 2019

Pixie, even if it looks like a haircut for men, makes every lady look beautiful and feminine. Convince yourself of this by admiring the beautiful stars Agnes Dane, Shailene Woodley, Michelle Williams.


Short hair haircuts 2019 are bob haircuts, thanks to which the hair will always look neat and with volume. If you can not decide to make this haircut, admire the hairstyles of Charlize Theron, Beyonce, Dakota Johnson.


If you want radical changes and you are not afraid to say goodbye to your long hair, then find out that fashionable haircut 2019 is the well-known “hedgehog”. The lady who will wear it will be particularly attractive due to the bold contrast, the delicate features of the face and the aggressive shape of the hairstyle.


Haircuts for medium length hair 2019

2018 haircuts for medium length hair are graduated hairstyles, waterfall haircut and evocative asymmetry. On medium-length curls, bob-carre (Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Palermo) and elongated bob (Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Kim Kardashian, Keith Bosworth) looks delightfully.

Medium haircuts 2019 female


The classic waterfall haircuts (hairs with different length) do not diminish in popularity. Stars with such a haircut are Jennifer Aniston, Diane Kruger, Jennifer Lopez.


Haircuts for long hair 2019

Long hair haircuts 2019 are characterized by several layers, with which each hair type will look particularly beautiful. Here is included the layered haircut, with gradual passages. If you are not afraid to cut your hair long, we recommend that you draw attention to the original forms of the hairline. Thus, fashion is cutting the hair in V, as well as in the right line. Moreover, female haircuts 2019 with shaved temples are very much demanded. These will help you refresh your look, giving you a touch of originality and individuality.

Long haircut for women 2019



Bangs 2019

A special attention also deserves the bang. The trendiest are:

  • oblique, from the center of the forehead to the ear, chin;
  • thinned, of different lengths;
  • thick and voluminous;
  • short and straight;
  • from the top to the forehead, of different lengths.

Rare hairs and rounded shapes are unacceptable. The 2019 trend is natural negligence, eccentricity, uneven edges. The stylists will have to offer different length options for the bang that will fit the face and shape of your head.

What kind of bangs are in style 2019

layered bangs

Short hairstyles 2019 with bangs

asymmetrical long bangs




Medium bob with long bangs

Trendy haircuts for thin hair

If nature has endowed you with thick hair you have no reason to be upset. Designers and stylists worldwide know how to trim the fine hair so it looks beautiful and fashionable. Not all Hollywood stars can boast with beautiful hair, but they always look great. In this case, the main thing is finding the right haircut.

2018 ladies haircuts for thin hair

Women's haircuts 2019 for thin fine hair



Girls haircut fine hair


Short haircuts for thin hair

2018 haircut trends for medium hair

Celebrity haircuts 2019 thin hair

Retro haircuts

The haircut is done short on the entire surface of the head and it is desirable that the asymmetrical hairs remain on the bang, if it is present, and at the top of the head. From the back of the head, the long hair should go down to the shoulders.

Best retro haircuts 2019




Boho style haircuts

It would seem that the boho style has remained somewhere in the distant past, but it is not. The stylists make more and more bohemian hairstyles coming with increasingly unusual solutions. 2019 haircuts are charming bohemian designs. These are straight or multi-layered hairstyles that are complemented by long semicircular bangs. Sometimes, stylists make a straight path on the bangs, and the haircut gets a special note. This fashionable haircut can be combined with theme accessories such as metallic hairbands.

2018 women's haircuts boho style




Lob haircut 2019 with bangs


Bob Haircut 2019

Bob haircut has been on top for some time, this is the reason why it is so loved by younger girls. Any professional hair stylist will tell you the following types of Bob haircut:

  • bob-carre (it looks like carre haircut but in this case the graduation is used, which makes the image more feminine);
  • graduated bob (all hairs are cut in different lengths);
  • straight bob (the haircuts is performed on straight hair);
  • layered bob (ideal for thin hair)
  • asymmetric (refreshes the look);
  • elongated bob (previously promoted by Victoria Beckham);
  • A-bob (haircut with long side bang).

Bob haircuts 2019

Bob haicut 2019 brunette


Lob haircut 2019 blonde

Mid bob haircuts designs 2019

Medium length curly bob

A line bob haircuts


Inverted bob mid length

Lob haircuts with bangs




Pixie Haircut 2019

Pixie hairstyle has been famous for many years, and 2019 is no exception. If you want to look like Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna, then this haircut is exactly what you need. What this hairstyle is: the thick hair is carelessly cut at the top of the head, and the rest of the head’s surface is shaved. In these places you can draw different drawings or highlight them by painting them in unusual shades.

Best Pixie haircuts 2019

Pixie haircuts for fine hair

Short haircuts for women 2019 pixie





What short haircuts are in for 2019

Waterfall Haircut

This feminine haircut, which will never go out of fashion and is current in 2019, is definitely the waterfall haircut. This involves the smooth transition from the short hair from the head to the longer hair. It fits any type of hair, giving it the volume it needs. This is one of the simplest haircuts because it can be easily arranged without too much time. Regardless of the shape of your face, the waterfall haircut will always look good, hiding the present imperfections.

Cascade haircut 2019



Long hair haircuts 2019 with layers straight


Haircut 2019 waterfall medium length hair



Wavy haircuts for long hair

Straight haircuts for long hair


Page Haircut

Short haircuts come back to fashion and, despite boyish character they look very feminine, especially on young girls. They are suitable for straight and voluminous hair. The unique shape of page haircut will help you cope even with thin hair, however, it will be somewhat more difficult to arrange it.

Pageboy haircuts 2019 female

Stylish haircuts for short hair




Asymmetric Haircut 2019

Asymmetric haircuts 2019 are made on the basis of different lengths, which create a very special silhouette, the basic emphasis of which is the long oblique bang. This element gives any haircut (bob, pixie) a special charm and individuality. Moreover, the oblique bang visually elongate the face so stylists recommend it to the ladies with the round face shape. In addition, this option is ideal for curled and disobedient hair owners. The haircut does not require daily care efforts and saves time.

Asymmetrical haircuts for 2019

Asymmetrical medium haircut

Asymmetrical straight bob


Haircuts with angled bangs 2019

Haircuts 2019 half shaved


Haircuts and hair dyeing techniques 2019

Haircuts and hair dyeing techniques 2019 are ultra-stylish hairstyles that every lady will fall in love with. These will instantly refresh the image and make you feel attractive and feminine. It is not by chance said that if you want a change, then you have to start with the hairstyle you have. So, if we talk about hair dyeing techniques, then balayage, ombre and bronding are the first. Fashionable is the creative hair dyeing in a light pink, silver, with a holographic effect. The most demanding is hair dyeing in the charming platinum shade.

haircuts and hair color ideas 2019



Dear ladies, now that you know the main haircuts trends and knowing what suits you best, we urge you to make that change that you have always dreamed of and will make you look gorgeous regardless of the state of mind that you have inside.

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