Why there are wrinkles between eyebrows and how to get rid of them?

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We are all different, and we express our emotions in different ways. Some frown, others purse the lips, causing over time the appearance of some expression wrinkles in places of frequent and unnatural stress of facial muscles, and it is not so easy to get rid of them. We decided to look into the matter more thoroughly and learn how it is possible to avoid these phenomena, as well as how we can remove the wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Causes of appearance

“Wrong” facial gestures are the main, but not the only, factors affecting the appearance of early wrinkles. In addition, the following factors are harmful for skin and its ability to maintain elasticity and natural contour:

How to get rid of deep wrinkles between eyebrows

– sleep need (regular lack of sleep leads to a dull complexion, dark circles under the eyes, and subsequently to the first wrinkles);

– bad habits (abstain from alcohol and smoking, if you do not want, ahead of time, to search methods to remove wrinkles including expression ones between the eyebrows);

– the wrong skin care or lack thereof;

– lack of vitamins and moisture (drink more liquid, do not abuse diets, make sure that the body receives all the necessary elements, if necessary drink vitamin complexes and dietary supplements);

– ultraviolet rays (risk group includes people who like to be on the beach for a long time without sunscreen or to get a sun-tan at solarium).

Taken together, these factors will sooner or later affect the condition of the skin and not only. Their influence is particularly noticeable after the age of twenty five, when the natural metabolic processes in the tissues slows down, and the skin care needs more attention.

Elimination methods

In the saloon:

Nowadays, in the saloon can be performed several cosmetic procedures to get rid of wrinkles between eyebrows, which have shown good results in short period of time.


If you are tired of fighting with the hated folds between the eyebrows, and decided to take drastic measures, it is time to make an appointment at a beauty clinic. Botox injections are considered to be the most effective way to remove wrinkles. The procedure lasts few minutes, but the results is not seen immediately, but fully manifested after one or two weeks. Immediately after the procedure any changes are not visible, only a small swelling at the puncture sites. Under the influence of the administered drug, problem areas are smoothed over time due to partial immobilization of muscles.

Best treatment for wrinkles between eyebrows

Hyaluronic acid

With its help, the wrinkles are filled “pushed out”, leaving the skin smoother. Such injections are expected to be safe because the hyaluronic acid in its composition corresponds to the polysaccharide contained in our tissues. The procedure must be repeated as the acid is distributed under the skin.


This procedure is effective only for removing superficial wrinkles. In addition, it gives the skin elasticity, refreshes and cleans the necrotic outer layer. As a result, the new surface of the skin produces in the strong pace its own collagen and elastin.

Laser resurfacing

The rejuvenating effect is achieved on a similar with the preceding point scenario, only the dead cells are removed not by mechanical means, but by laser means.

Each of these methods has their contraindications, so it is better to choose the appropriate procedure, depending on the seriousness of the problem and the individual characteristics of the skin, with an experienced professional.

At home:

Smoothing masks are not as effective as saloon treatment, but they will help remove the small wrinkles of the skin and improve its condition as a whole.

Home remedies for wrinkles between eyebrows

Mask with cosmetic clay

A small amount of white or black cosmetic clay should be diluted with water until a thick cream is obtained and then applied on a clean face, except the eye and lips area. The mask is left for half an hour, then removed and is obligatory lubricated with a cream.

Mask with gelatin

The product, which we usually use in kitchen, contains a plurality of skin benefit agents including collagen. That is why in the home cosmetology gelatin is often used in recipes of anti-aging and tightens masks. Its use will also help significantly strengthen nails and improve the condition of the hair. For wrinkles smoothing, dilute the gelatin and a small amount of water and warm on a steam bath until all of the pellets are dissolved. The mass cooled at a comfortable temperature is evenly applied on the face with a brush, paying a special attention to problem areas, and is left on the face for thirty to forty minutes. After removing the mask, the skin is treated with a nourishing cream.

Egg mask

This is another simple and effective recipe. First, it is necessary to separate the white from the yolk, then cool, beat up and put on the skin for about thirty minutes. Do not throw away the remaining yolk, it would make an excellent nourishing hair mask, if you mix it with a spoon of olive oil and evenly distribute it on the hair, warming the head with a cover-up or a Turkish towel.


It is a mistake to assume that in order to avoid wrinkles, you need to keep fully immobile face. The muscles have to work, but work correctly. Special face exercises will help us, they can be easily found on the Internet and performed daily.

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