What a perfume can reveal about men

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Almost every girl has chosen at least once in her life a perfume for her boyfriend, following her preferences. But believe, men can choose fragrances not worse than women. We decided to find out what can the favorite fragrance of a man say about him.


If the composition of the fragrance combines notes of violets, nutmeg and incense, that means it corresponds to a romantic nature. If your man prefers this perfume, you can be sure that he wanted to impress only you and he is a real romantic! He definitely knows how to make your life brighter, richer, and happier. Of course, such a young man can be called a knight, who embodies the generosity and nobility, unpredictability and tact.

Self confident

If your man has a fragrance, which is composed of spicy notes, such as pepper or cardamom, that testifies his purposeful character and self-confidence. If this perfume also has elegant notes of mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot, then you can be sure that along your side you have a brave and fearless man.


If your man chose fougere-water fragrance, and the base notes are amber and cedar, then we can assume that your man is unrestrained and passionate like the waves. Admit that this fact definitely has its advantages. Such a note of the heart, like rosemary, and even in combination with seaweed, makes a man spend the free time actively and not sit still. Who knows, maybe in summer you’ll go to the sea together and he will show you everything he is capable of.


A tart, firm and sensual fragrance with notes of amber is ideal for powerful men who control everything. If your man has just got such a fragrance, then rejoice, because you have your personal Christian Grey. But if combined with notes of cinnamon, mint and rose, which may be included in the composition of the fragrance, it will, on the contrary, relax the man and make him soft and sensual. You will never want to leave him.


If your man paid attention to an oriental fragrance, that means he is the embodiment of exquisite elegance and seduction. The owner of this flavor is a temperamental and strong man. This is indicated by spicy notes of cloves and cherries, which are often found in oriental perfumes. Your man knows how to impress. He conquered you, didn’t he?


Gin, iris and labdanum are a burning mixture. Only men with highly developed intellect can choose such notes. If your lover bought especially this fragrance, where are present such notes, then you’re in luck: he will always find something to talk about and will never forget the date of your first date. It seems that your beloved can solve not only his own problems, but also yours. He is your reliable protection and support. You can be proud of him!


The fragrance, in the composition if which are present notes of lemon, basil or cedar, was created solely for brave men. If this fragrance can be noted on the shelf of your men, then be aware that he is a strong, brave and decisive man. He knows exactly what he wants and he will go with you through fire and water. The main thing is to not be afraid. With such a man you’ll be just fine. He will never allow anybody to hurt you!


The elegant and fresh, sophisticated and melodic fragrance with notes of tangerine, bamboo and white musk, will definitely distinguish its owner from the crowd. Such a man is hard not to notice. You, too, drew attention to him, didn’t you? Yes, of course! The purposeful, successful and respectable handsome could not help but attract the attention.


Mandarin, ginger and lavender are the perfect mix for a man who is confident in the future. He remains optimistic no matter what. This man is a real energizer; he is not afraid of change and always moves forward. Believe me, with such a man you do not have to be sad! After all, he always will delight you with his charming smile.

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