Scalp care: 10 rules that we always forget

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Scalp care is as important as the treatment of hair, which can be called the basis of women’s attractive appearance. Hair condition depends largely on the state of the hair roots, which are responsible for nutrient and oxygen enrichment of the hair cells. Frequent problems of the hair happen due to their insufficient feed, as well as the influence of external destructive factors. Skin dryness, itching or even sores should serve as a signal that it is necessary to take urgent measures for removal of these symptoms in order to avoid more serious problems afterwards. We will tell you about the basic principles that must be maintained for the health benefits of it, as well as about the properly care for the scalp. If adherence to these guidelines will not work and the hair condition will not improve, perhaps the reason is deeper and it will not do without the help of a dermatologist or trichologist.

10 rules for scalp care

1. It is necessary to closely monitor the quality of the food. Greasy foods, excess of smoked and starchy goods in our menu is harmful not only for the waist, but also for the skin of entire body, including the hairy part of the head. Harmful products are not only useless, but they also soil the intestines, the fact that will be reflected on the external appearance.

2. Drinking insufficient quantity of water contributes to purification and best performance of the body and has a beneficial effect on the skin condition. The recommended rate for an adult of medium build constitutes not less than one and a half litres of clean drinking water per day. Its amount may vary depending on the season and lifestyle. Thus, in summer, the rate of water can and should be increased.

3. Avoid cosmetic products from the category “for all types”. Shampoos should be selected individually, based on personal needs. For example, for dry and sensitive scalp care, the shampoo should contain a minimum of pigment and aromatic pieces, etc. Ideal for the hair are delicate baby shampoos. For oily hair and scalp care, which produces excess amount of fat, it would be useful to use remedies containing tar. This substance regulates the production of sebum, the fact that favourably affects the condition of the roots, allowing the skin to stay clean longer.

Wash hair for scalp care

4. While washing the hair, do not make the water too hot, it provokes the activity of the sebaceous glands. It is also useful to make an active massage with fingertips while soaping the roots. Do not let the shampoo remain on the hair. Washing residues block and dry up the skin, do not allow it “breathing”, so thoroughly rinse your hair with plenty of flowing water. Upon completion of hydrotherapeutic procedures, it is enough to wet the hair and the skin with a towel to remove excess liquid, it is not necessary to vigorously rub the head, thereby injuring the skin moist and vulnerable strands.

5. When choosing caregiver products, give preference to proven brands, pay attention to their composition.

6. Frequent colouring with ammoniac paints, regular use of a hair dryer and curling iron has a negative impact on the hairy part of the head, as well as injure hair strands. Try not to unnecessarily expose the hair to more stress.

7. We often neglect the obvious things, such as for example the impact of natural factors and weather conditions on the skin. Therefore, make it a rule to protect your hair and head from sunburn and frosts by wearing appropriate headwear.

8. Let your hair rest from tight braids and other complex hairstyles that disturb blood circulation of the scalp and the supply of nutrients to the hair roots.

10 rules for scalp treatment

9. It is very important for the whole body and hair health, in particular, to fully and timely rest. In modern world, where stress and fatigue become our inseparable companions, it is difficult to follow the daily routine, but that’s worth the effort. It affects not only your appearance, but also the performance, endurance and resistance to stress.

10. Do not neglect caring masks, recipes can be found on this website as well as on other websites on the Internet. Choose some home or purchased masks, suitable namely for you, and use them regularly. Care and regular maintenance will, undoubtedly, yield the desired result over time!

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