No more shiny skin: 7 ways on how to get rid of a shiny face

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The shiny face is one of the main beauty problem we face in summer. It’s needless to say that the situation is exacerbated by the heat and sweating – unfortunately, even princesses experience such skin problems!

Owners of oily and combination skin have in summer a real struggle with the shine that is able to ruin even the most successful look. Of course the oily skin has its advantages – it is less predisposed to mimic wrinkles as compared to the dry skin. But, this fact is less probably to console you. That is why let’s find out how to get rid of the shiny kin and make the skin look ideal matte.

Ways on how to get rid of a shiny face

Keep track of time

You’ll be amazed when you’ll find out that your sebaceous glands run like clockwork. In the morning, before work, you wash you face and think all is fine, but after hours, and even if you didn’t sweat, the shine is already there, shining more than the sun. In fact, cosmetologists found out that 2-3 hours after your awakening and in the coming 4-5 hours, our sebaceous glands are more active and especially in this moment the problem area need to be cleaned.

Use napkins

If you noticed the shine on your face, don’t hurry to use the powder – under it, the skin begins to work more actively, and after 20 minutes, you’ll feel you need to apply it again. It would be more correct if you will wipe the oily areas with matting napkins. By the way, in their absence, you can use the usual coffee filters – they also have a “blotter”effect and certainly you will find them in your home or at office. Note: when using a napkin, do not do any wiping movements! Simply apply it to the problem area and press gently.

Read the label

Your cleanser should not be too hard, even if you’re the owner of a very oily skin. Read carefully the label and do not use lotions and tonics that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate or ammonium laureth. These ingredients typically dehydrate the skin and can lead to the fact that the sebaceous glands will get “scared” by the dryness and will more actively produce sebum.

Don’t use moisturizing cream

This advice may seem controversial, because all assert us that water is the source of life, which means that the skin needs a moisturizing cream. Yes, it’s true. But only if you do not have such problem as the oily shine! Give your T-zone a diet – use the cream only in the areas where you really need to moisturize, and do not touch the forehead, nose and chin – they require only cleansing, and not an extra fat layer. If you absolutely can not imagine your life without using a cream, then best buy a special matting cream. Such products usually contain zinc that effectively fight with the shine.

Give up on usual face foundation

Sorry, but we have another bad news – the face foundation it is also better to not be used on problem areas. The fact is that every face foundation has a fatty base, and as a result the face will shine more. The only option that is suitable in your case is the liquid foundation serum. Typically, these products are very light and “fatless” and therefore are ideal for the T-zone. Another option are face foundations with matte effect, specially created to neutralize the shine.

Don’t wash your face too often

Yes, the oily skin also need to be cleanses but that doesn’t mean it has ti be tortured wit a continuous washing. Wash the face not more than three times a day and in the rest of the time use only matting napkins. The principle is simple – the more you dry the skin with special cleansing foams and gels, the more it produces sebum. That’s why know when to stop. You need cleansing, but do not get too zealous.

Use salicylic acid

This pennyworth product from pharmacy works wonders! The salicylic acid can be diluted with mineral water: wipe the face as a tonic in the morning and the evening. It really works – after 2-3 days of application you will notice that the skin is no longer shining as the pores narrowed and became less noticeable.

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