Manicure 2016: Naturalness at the limit of fantastic

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No matter what clothes we wear, what hairstyle we do, a finished image can be achieved only by means of well groomed hands, better said, by using a flawlessly executed manicure. Each year, the trends are changing a bit and if you want to be fashionable, learn what manicure will be popular in 2016.

Look at manicure trends for 2016. The photos show us that short and medium length nails are considered to be in fashion and at high demand. Long nails belong to the past. Short nails assume a length of 2-3 mm from the nail tip. Short nails manicure is very comfortable for work and for rest.

French manicure 2016

A particular popularity has the French manicure, which seems to have become a true classic. You can choose both classic and colored French manicure. Fashionistas will also apply glitter on the nail tips, creating the so-called Millennium nails. How diverse can be 2016 French manicure and how universal it is for different situations.

2016 French manicure

French nails

Half moon manicure

The half moon manicure is still a classic. This technique is executed in the opposite French manicure execution and sometimes it is called Hollywood or Dior manicure, because mainly there this technique was first demonstrated. Choose any color contrast and you can create curved, triangular or convex contour lines. You can choose different techniques of half moon manicure execution 2016: photos show you more options.

Fashionable half moon manicure

Half moon manicure designs on short nails

Nail designs 2016




Ombre manicure 2016

The Ombre technique has come not only to hair, but also to nails. Such manicure innovations 2016 fit both elegant and romantic women and ladies. Usually, in the execution are used two or more shades of the same color range. All you have to do is to just take a look at below designs to convince yourself how beautiful and feminine this type of manicure looks.

What nail designs to wear in 2016

Ombre technique design



Frame manicure – a new trend of the year 2016

Metallic nail polishes will not stand aside this season. Warm shades of blue, green, gold allows the execution of this type of manicure. Let’s just admit that such nail polish makes every mail look beautiful: the 2016 manicure allows the selection of that range of colors that suits only you.

Analyzing the 2016 manicure fashion trends, we can say with conviction that the framed manicure is becoming increasingly popular. This trend involved creating a nail contour with the help of nail polishes in a contrast color. Look how beautiful the framed manicure looks on short and medium length nails.

Nail trends 2016

Stylish framed designs

Negative space manicure

Analyzing the nail manicure trends we definitely have to mention the negative space manicure. In this case, your nail will serve as the background, and part of the nail will not be painted. This design leaves room for experimentation and allows you to show the beauty of healthy nails. Such innovations manicure for 2016 (images below) look great on short nails, as well as on longer nails.

Negative space a 2016 trend


Mountain peak nails

negative space short

Emboss nail art

Another trend in 2016 is the emboss nail art. Such nails will surely amaze the world. The embossed nail technique is an absolute novelty in the world of manicure.
Embossed yellow nail polish



2016 Nail Designs

It seems that the artistic manicure has no plans to give up either. 2016 nail designs may include strict geometric designs, floral or abstract images. In order to get some inspiration, see the images with 2016 nail designs and how impressive and unusual these can be.

Pastel nail polishes

squared shape

short yellow


When choosing the nail colors for the year 2016, we can firmly say that pastel shades will be a hit of this season. Such an option is very universal and suits everyone. Although, this does not mean that the bold manicure does not deserve a chance of existence. Shades of burgundy, red, brown also enjoy a great popularity. Such 2016 manicure trends will be received with open arms. Monochromatic manicure suits every style and will not require a special technique of application. Extremely popular are the mate nail polishes, which are characterized by the lack of luster.

What nail colors to wear in 2016

What nail polish color to wear in 2016




What nail length to wear in 2016

The diversity of the trendy manicure in 2016 will certainly please every fashionista. Also, this year, we will have the possibility to enjoy bold manicure trends and beautiful nail designs. We wish you a beautiful year and a wonderful mood.

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