Makeup trends 2016

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Ultramodern eyeliner makeup, evening make up and naturalness…the makeup trends, offered by designers are so bold and contrasting that every lady will definitely be able to choose the suitable makeup for theirself. We can also note that the variety of makeup ideas are also very impressive. We are encouraged to opt for dark shades, for black eyeliners and red lipsticks. The smokey eyes is also a must in the year of 2016. It has undergone some changes but still it will enjoy a great popularity among ladies. So let’s see what the main makeup trends are in 2016.

Makeup ideas 2016

Fresh look

They say that eyes are the mirror of the soul and this “mirror” needs a beautiful and original frame, the designers propose us to create using unusual graphic pigtails. You have no idea what you can do with a simple eyeliner-pencil, a liquid eyeliner and dark eyeshadows…

It is enough just to look at models of Chanel, Dior and Fendi shows to understand how easy the look can be transformed using simple dark gray or black intense eyeliner. Thus, a shy young lady can easily be transformed into one seductive, confident in her beauty and going directly to the intended purpose.

Latest makeup trends 2016

Hazel eyes makeup

emphasize on eyes

Day makeup 2016

The cat eyes makeup continues to be among the favorites in 2016. But even this one goes through metamorphosis, sometimes gaining the most unusual shapes. For example, try to draw tails not on the upper eyelid, but on the lower, or create a really cat look or an exotic one is using eyeliner in different colors.

Makeup 2016 cat eyes



green eyes

The blurred makeup effect become one of the main trends in fashion shows for 2016, and this means that now is the time to experiment and try to apply make-up and mascara in a different way, blending the products under the lower eyelid or drawing on the upper eyelid “fingerprint”-lines with the help of a mascara. Finally, you may not remove your makeup in the evening and in morning you’ll already have a fashionable makeup!

Make-up trends for 2016

Oh, this eyeliner…You can create a lot of makeup with this wonderful product for the eyes! If you are ready for bold and interesting experiments with your face – try to create a graphic drawing in the eye area – a small masterpiece that will surely make you stand out of the crowd.

graphic drawing in the eye area

The smokey eyes makeup promises to be as popular next year as well. Just as it seems that there occurred also some changes. Thus, models of Karl Lagerfield in the Chanel fashion show have demonstrated to the entire world that blending the eyeshadows in dark colors can also be easily performed above the allowed areas and that these can cover not only the upper and lower eyelid, but also up to the eyebrows line and nose. Other makeup artists opted for the classic smokey eyes makeup in 2016.



Smokey eyes 2016

evening hazel eyes

Professional makeup 2016

Contoured lips

Self confident beautiful ladies choose the red color. Makeup artists say that you can look impressive and stylish also if you have only a lipstick applied on your lips. It is important to find that “correct” shade of red that suits your skin tone. In Celine, Saint Laurent, Antonio Berardi, Bottega Veneta and Carolina Herrera fashion shows, makeup artists opted namely for the eternally bright red on the lips.

Lips 2016



evening blue eyes

emphasize on lips

Plum lip color or black tones are characteristic of the Gothic style, which has become one of the basic trends of the latest autumn-winter fashion shows. Of course, such a bold makeup is not suitable for all and will be suited more for winter. But many famous cosmetics brands are rushing to incorporate in its lines lipsticks in dark shades, which, incidentally, are in great demand worldwide.

Evening makeup 2016

hazel eyes emphasize on lips

dark color lipstick

professional for gray eyes

The naturalness is contrast trend. The main feature is the lips in natural nude shades. Michael Kors, Jason Wu, Donna Karan and other designers opted namely for the natural beauty of their models, offering them and fashionistas around the world to add in their makeup kit a lipstick in natural shade.

Natural 2016 eyemakeup


Makeup images


Make-up artists recommend us to not overuse blushes. The ideal option for the creation of amakeup 2016 is the blushes in natural shades – from peach to delicate pink shades.


Makeup designs 2016

Fashion blush

Highlighter and glitter

A relaxed, fresh and shiny complexion is another makeup trends 2016. Make-up artists create the bright light complexion effect using highlighters, powders and creams with glittering particles and bright tints.

Shiny fashion complexion

Blue eye makeup 2016



simple and beautiful

Analyzing the main makeup trends we can be sure that from the multitude of the presented ideas we will be able to choose exactly the one that suits us best. The important thing is to choose the right colors, make up products and type of makeup and to not forget that beauty lies in the imagination of each of us.

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