Kylie Jenner told how much time she spends on makeup

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In a recent interview, the 17-year-old Instagram star and one of the Kardashian sisters shared the secrets of her makeup. The girl said that she does not put make-up for no reason, because every time she decides to make up, it takes her a really long time. In total, she spends about two and a half hours: this includes full make-up and styling. Moreover, Kylie is a big fan of false eyelashes and hair that only slows down the process.

Kylie Jenner time spends on makeup

Selfie in “full makeup process” is the visit card of Kylie’s Instagram-account. She willingly shares with almost 21 million subscribers details of her beauty-transformation. Including the fact that her fans knew from Instagram that she dyed her hair in blue on the eve of the Coachella festival.

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