Kaley Cuoco introduces a new trend: pink eyebrows

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First, a month ago, the celebrity from “The Big Bang Theory”, Kaley Cuoco, dyed her hair pink, and that time, we can say, she was able to amaze someone. Since then, a lot of star girls had time to try on the candy pink hair, but pink eyebrows no one have tried on, yet. Thus, Kaley is the first who dared to do that and, quite possibly, she is the trend setter.

Kaley Cuoco new trend pink eyebrows

We have to mention that the brave Cuoco is not ready to walk on noisy streets and red carpets with bright-pink eyebrows. She tried on the new, absolutely pink look, for a website dedicated to trendy hairstyles and hair care. However, the enthusiastic reviews of Instagram followers can inspire the actress to do similar changes in the real life as well. What is your opinion in this respect?



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