How to Go Blonde, Without Damaging Your Hair

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You’ve always dreamed to go blonde, but did not dare to radically dye your hair? We will help you understand and explain how to dye your hair blonde, without damaging it and look hundred-per-cent.

Blondes have never been out of fashion, but this summer light hair is especially popular. Unfortunately, it is more difficult to correctly dye your hair blonde than, for example, brunet or red, because bleaching is a time-consuming process that requires special knowledge. We talked to a professional about all ins and outs and pitfalls of becoming a blonde beauty. We are happy to share the details!

How to go blonde

There are only two options for going blonde: the work with natural color and with the previously colored hair. Let us deal with them one by one!

Your hair is already dyed, and you decided to go blonde

If your hair has been previously colored by any colorant, no matter if it is resistant or toning one, then there is an artificial pigment in your hair. This means that the growing roots will become lighter by usual dying into blonde, but the hair that was previously colored will just slightly change the color pigment, but the shade will not greatly change.

Simply put, we will not get a satisfactory result. There is a rule that every professional hairdresser knows: the colorant will not bleach the hair that has been previously dyed. How to proceed in this case?

Blonde coloring hair

A few important secrets:

  • To color previously dyed hair into a light shade, it is necessary to blonde it! Blonding is the process of removal of the natural and artificial hair pigment. But it is necessary to remember that along with the pigment, the hair loses as well other components, and it is destroyed. The degree of the hair damage by its blonding depends on the product’s quality, the correctness of the procedure and, of course, the exposure period. The last point is very important, but, unfortunately, not every stylist will be able to determine how much time is necessary for your hair in particular. So, address only to proven professionals!
  • By any kind of bleaching, should it be hair-dye or blonding, two kinds of pigments are destroyed in our hair: pheomelanin and trihosedirin (yellow and red pigments). It is difficult to completely remove them, and it is not always necessary. But namely due to these two pigments the result sometimes is not that the one expected – yellow, marigold yellow, orange … To avoid this, after blonding process it is necessary to neutralize these two pigments – to tone. Each colorist must know how to deal with unwanted bleaching background in each particular case.
  • Let’s talk a little more about toning – the final stage of the going blonde process. Toning is aimed at filling the hair with artificial pigment and caring components. Special product will close the hair cuticle, which opened after bleaching; as well it will create a protective cover-up around the hair for its color shine and radiance!

Should i go blonde

Your hair is not dyed and you decided to go blonde

If your color is not naturally very dark, then it is possible to work with ammoniac or permanent hair colorant, as it is correctly called by stylists.

It works in the following way: you spread the colorant, and the bleaching and dying process goes on simultaneously, without the intricate steps that have to be done when bleaching the previously dyed hair. It all depends on the correctly chosen color and on bleaching abilities of the colorant.

I don’t recommend dyeing dark hair at home – there is a great risk of damaging the hair and do not get the color that you dreamed of. Most often, dark hair was converted into blonde according to the same scheme as the already dyed hair – we have already spoken about it.

Important: After a complex dying procedure, it is recommended not to wash the hair for 1-2 days, as all reactions are stopping during this time, the ph level of the hair and scalp gets normal, the pigment is oxidized and fixes in the hair.

 So you’re already a blonde! What you should know

  • The refreshing dyeing should take place every 2-3 weeks, maximum 4! You became a blonde and must realize that this is not comme il faut to go out having crazy grown roots.
  • After bleaching an especially delicate care is necessary. The products you have previously used are not suitable anymore, as care for blonde and brunet cannot be the same. Forget the words: “Well, I have some  hair mask and hair conditioner left…”!
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to maintain the color. After bleaching, the hair often looks dry and lifeless, in order to avoid that, try as much as possible to moisturize the hair using special products and try also to give up on styling with curling or flat iron at least sometimes.
  • Use hair masks with caution – they work deep in the hair structure and replace the artificial pigment. Therefore, consult a specialist to find out what mask is suitable for bleached hair.

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