How to correctly remove the makeup

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We know a lot about tips and tricks on how to create a makeup and on techniques of cosmetics application but we never seriously think about its removal. A correct makeup removal means protecting the beauty and the health of our skin. See how to correctly remove the makeup in this article.

How to remove the makeup correctly

Step 1. Lips

The process of makeup removal has to start with lips. On a cosmetic cotton pad, apply a little face lotion and with slow motions, remove the residuals of lipstick or lip-gloss from the corner of the lips to the center.

Step 2. Eyes

The following step is eye makeup removal. The most universal product for this occasion is the lotion. Better if it’s a two phase product – it is considered the most efficient for eye makeup removal. Two phase is the cleaner and oil, that softens and nourishes the skin. This type of product enjoys a great popularity though it is not meant for all skin types, especially its oily texture. If you use waterproof mascara, then search in store a product that says “for waterproof makeup removal”.

The cosmetic cotton pad, dampened in cleaning lotion, has to be left on eyelids for a minute or two for a better dilution of complex textures (waterproof mascaras, powdery eyeshadows, black eyeliner). The motions don’t have to be harsh, stretching the skin; the eyelashes must be cleaned from the base to the tips.

Step 3. Face skin

The variety of makeup removal products is endless: Foams, lotions, liquid soap, milk, products that have to be used with or without water – and these are only some of them. The skin cleansing is a process requiring an individual approach that is why it is important to try and to find your “personal” products. Cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend a more universal washing method that might be suitable for almost each skin type.

First, wash the makeup with a foam or cleansing gel (the foam cleans the skin more soften and opposed to the gel, it does not dries it). Afterwards, rinse the face with warm water, so that the residues of all makeup products were washed out, including from lips and eyes. Further, clean the face with the help of micellar water: it is hypoallergenic and perfectly removes from the skin not only the most resistant makeup, but also cleanse the pores. The face must be clean exactly on the massage lines, in soft motions and from the center to the sides of the face. The micellar water is a perfect base for the subsequent nourishing face cream application.

No makeup will look nice on an unhealthy and dull skin, so it is of a great importance to take care of it, and the right makeup removal and skin cleansing consitutes 50% of success.

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