How to and how to not use thermal water

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With the summer onset, many beauticians recommend using thermal water to moisturize and refresh the face. As a rule, it has no contraindications and it is recommended for all skin types.

In hot weather, when the skin is mostly lacking moisture, the thermal water should be the main tool in your purse. And we’ll tell you how to use it correctly.

How to use thermal water spray

What is thermal water

The thermal water appeared in the middle of the last century. Manufacturers are extracting such water from a variety of hot springs, so the composition of the product can not be the same for each brand. Some contain more sodium or potassium, others – selenium.

Compared to the tonic or micellar water, it does not clean the skin, but performs an equally important function – it soothes and strengthens the skin’s natural protective properties.

The main convenience of thermal water is that the spray can be carried everywhere. This product is particularly useful on the road, in a plane or just at the office.

How to not use the thermal water

Not everyone knows that if the thermal water is sprayed all over the face and leaved to soak in, they will get the opposite effect: dehydration instead of an adequate moisture. The fact is that the moisture evaporates together with the water droplets from the surface of the skin, so if you use this product to freshen the face, do not forget to gently blot the excess moisture with a towel.

If you spray the thermal water on the beach, the consequences can be sad. In this case, every drop acts as a magnifying glass, increasing the penetration of ultraviolet radiation into the skin, and therefore burns are not difficult to achieve.

The proper algorithm use of thermal water is as follows:

  • Apply it on clean skin, gently massaging until it completely dries, and then use the usual care agent. In this case, the water will provide additional moisture.
  • You can use the thermal water applying face cream on top and lightly damping into the skin with your fingertips. In this case, the makeup you plan to do will last longer.
  • When choosing the thermal water, do not forget to take into account the amount of salt in the composition. Owners of dry skin can choose the one that contains little salt quantities. While for oily skin owners, on the contrary – its content should be the maximum, because the salt tends to effectively dry. You probably noticed how the sea water affects your skin. Well, the thermal water works approximately the same.

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