Hilary Duff dyed her turquoise color hair in lavender

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Only a month ago, Hilary Duff, who rarely does any beauty-experiments, surprised her fans with a drastic change of image Рthe star dyed her hair in a neon turquoise shade. While we were following the appearances of the singer in this unusual look and were deciding how we like Hilary more with the new color or with her natural color, she made us another surprise Рnow she has a staining with degrade effect, the gray shade becomes a more vivid lavender color, closer to the ends of the hair.

Hilary Duff lavender color hair

After the procedure, making a wavy styling and an expressive makeup, Hilary could not share her transformation with her Instagram subscribers. The fans are praising the result of the colorist work, but we wonder what color she will choose next, because she managed to mantain the previous color only few weeks.

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