Hairstyle Trends Spring-Summer 2017

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The basic element of femininity, the hair, became a perfect inspiration for world’s famous stylists. Therefore, be prepared: in 2017 spring-summer season there is no room for monotony, simple and original hairstyles are in huge demand: ponytails, braids, loose curls…and stylists have managed to interpret them so as to make them look stylish and unusual.

So now, when we are still wearing hats on our heads, let’s see what hairstyles trends propose us those who best know this.


Let’s start with the simplest hairstyle that in the coming season will have a totally different appearance. Stylists have decided to diversify it in the various ways so get inspired and continue to experience.

It all started with low ponytails, seen in fashion shows from Sportmax and Chanel. Hair stylists quit the ideal smooth hair and too many products of hairstyle. Natural volume, moderate mess, several rebel strands and the fashionable hairstyle is ready!

Ponytail hairstyle 2017

If you always have trouble pinning the ponytail, stylists recommend you to leave it alone. Use an elastic band only half the length of hair. Do not use styling products, some rebellious hair strands will add even more mystery. By the way, ranging the place where you fix the elastic band, you can create the effect of Carre haircut or an illusion of hair left loose on the back.

What are the hairstyles trends in 2017

If you want to look more feminine and romantic, opt for hairstyles seen on models from Monique Lhuillier and Gabriela Hearst. Straighten your hair with hair straighteners and collect hair in a ponytail with a wide ribbon, a stylish elastic band or a strand of hair.

Fashion ponytail


This is another important trend, but with more methods of execution. Novice fashionistas will start with simple braids, like those in the fashion show from A Detacher and Fay. It is not necessarily to collect all the hair in a braid; you have the possibility of making more braids or first creating a ponytail and then braid it to make a simple and beautiful braid.

Braided hairstyles spring summer 2017

Those who love French braids or fishtail braids can rejoice as in the 2017 spring-summer season they will be in fashion. It is absolutely not necessarily to braid carefully strand by strand, the hair braided in a hurry will look more feminine and romantic.

Simple braids 2017

If you wish, you can combine the slightly wavy hair and more complicated braids. In Jeans Refugees, Missoni, Robero Cavalli presentations reigns the Spring mood due to these perfect, yet comfortable hairstyles.

medium length hair 2017

The most impressive hairstyle will be one that combines sleek hair leaned back, braids and messy styling effect.


In fashion are the most unusual variations of braids: from African thin braids and voluminous fishtail braids headband shaped until buns with intricate braids.


Hair combed back with open forehead

This spring, the hair left loose on the back, open forehead, lifted from the roots, and fixed very careful are what you need. To do this, you’ll need maximum styling products with minimum visibility and a few bobby pins and the innocent and romantic hairstyle is ready!

hairstyles for long hair spring summer 2017

Another option of this hairstyle is to give the hair a wet effect and comb it toward the back or apply styling products only at the top of the head and leave the rest of the hair dry.

What hairstyles to do in summer 2017

Fake bangs

Stylists advise us to opt for bangs at least this summer and not necessarily cutting the hair for this purpose. To create bangs, take a diagonal low parting by combing the hair to one side so it covers the entire forehead, and fix it with clips, fixing spray, or any other styling product.

hairstyles with bangs 2017

Images with the hair stuck to the forehead exploited many fashion shows for 2017 spring-summer season. And if on some ladies this looks more like the styling in the 20’s, then on others, this hairstyle reminded us the wet hair naturally but quite extravagant.

Fashion 2017 bangs

Some stylists have overlooked the wet hair effect, imitating bangs with “additional” hairs strands.


Hair bun

Each year, hair buns enter the list of fashion trends. In fashion shows from Pamella Roland and Zang Toi skinny models have ideal, smooth hair buns.

Hair bun hairstyles spring-summer 2017

If some models have smooth hair buns, similar to those of a ballerina, then others, have slightly messy buns. Spring-Summer 2017 hairstyles look like are performed in the shortest time without using any comb: hair is gathered with the fingers and secured with several clips in the neck area. This is the effect achieved by hairstylist during the fashion shows.


The classic messy bun or the smooth one is combined with romantic touches such as strands of hair left to fall freely from the temples, braids or twisted ropes.

Stylish bun


To all those that fail to create an impressive bun because of the curly hair, we recommend to follow Mother Nature and play with the sweet curls. Small, natural, playful, like those of the models in fashion shows from Brock Collection are ideal for an everyday hairstyle, instead those neatly styled (Topshop Unique) are just perfect for romantic dates.

hairstyles 2017 curly hair

By the way, the creation of such a hairstyle does not necessarily mean the use of hair curlers. Remember what you were doing when you were in school, when you were braiding your hair at night and in the morning you were waking up with curly hair.

styled curly hair

Ideally smooth hair

Along with voluminous and curly hair there is also the super smooth and straight hair trend, without volume at the roots. So, apply on hair products for thermal protection, Oil masks, hair straightener and create an image like the one from Tibi and David Koma.

What hairstyle to wear in spring 2017

It is important to divide the hair in a straight or oblique path and put the hair behind the ears, this way, the makeup will be the star and the hair will become a stylized “partner”. Such hairstyle suits only owners of healthy hair without split ends. The face shape has also an important role in this case.


Mild mess

It seems that in 2017 spring-summer season, designers have chosen hairstyles ideal for every type of hair. For example, owners of a slightly wavy hair do not have to daily use the hair straightener. In fashion is the mild mess (not to be confused with unkempt hair).

Best hairstyles for women 2017

To create such an effect you need hair mousse or other styling product. Wash your hair, lift it gently with your fingers from roots (do not tapper it!) and highlights some hair strands using the chosen product. The result will be an extremely unusual one.


Wet hair effect

Using hair gel, the “wet hair” effect can create truly stylish images. For example, you can make an ideal smooth hairstyle as the one from Kenzo and Balmain, or you can slightly damp the hair from roots and arrange it toward the back, leaving the tips dry as the models from Altuzarra and Carolina Herrera did.

hairstyles 2017 short hair

It is important to not overdo it – without colorful dresses and bold accessories. The “wet” hair fits perfectly with a business style suit or any other office outfit.

Also, avoid the ideally “licked” hair. A soft volume at the roots and curls will give the look a touch of dynamism.


Hairstyles in baby grand style

If you feel the barber has his hands shaking and he just did not so perfect bangs, you’re wrong. In 2017 spring-summer season hairstyles in the style of baby doll and baby grand are highly demanded. Perhaps the fashion is dictated by its comfort: the bangs does not mess and looks pretty original.

hairstyles with short bangs 2017

Such a hairstyle can be combined with any style of clothing: from the classic to the shabby chic. In the fashion shows of Rochas, Gucci, Nicole Miller, the baby grand hairstyle was used even with dresses.


Hair rope twist

Although for some people this hairstyle is associated only with the small group of kindergarten, stylists have decided to include it in the list of best hairstyles for spring-summer 2017. The neatly and beautifully arranged hair harmonizes well with festive outfits and its interesting execution offers the hair rope twist the opportunity to no longer be considered appropriate only for the classic style.

Simple hairstyles spring summer 2017

For example, stylists have turned this hairstyle into a headband for the Marissa Webb fashion show, while for the Adam Selman show, into a crown with a special bun over. Other designers have blended together the hair twist ropes, etc. You just have to experiment!


The 2017 spring-summer hairstyles trends promise to be very original. Although, experts have not intentionally complicated the hairstyles, offering ladies the opportunity to show their ingenuity in choosing unusual accessories, creating various hair partings and playing with volume. The creativity must necessarily be a good friend, so, after a cold winter treat your hair, cut the split ends and try to experience the most fashionable hairstyles for 2017 spring-summer season.

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