Hairstyles for Women 2017

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Fashionable hairstyles 2017, the images of which are presented in this article, show an interesting combination of older trends and innovative decisions that transform simple hairstyles into extremely interesting works of art

Hairstyles 2017 women

Fashionable hairstyles on short hair

This year’s favorites are definitely short hairstyles and rightly because short hair can be arranged quickly and easily without using special tools and without applying enormous amounts of cosmetics on hair. On average, the duration of a 2017 short hair hairstyle should not exceed 10-15 minutes; therefore, the dynamic, natural and disordering decisions that stress the beauty of hair and, if appropriate, correct the imperfections of Physical appearance.

hairstyles for short hair 2017


In the new season, the return in fashion of a non-standard combination “short hair + braids” is expected. Beautiful braids, supplementing a fashionable hairstyle, can be of various size and color. As well their quantity has no restrictions: one, two, three, four short braids beyond all doubt will refresh an image, introducing naughty notes. On young girls look well multi-colored braids, died in bright neon colors. And older ladies can make braids, but without emphasizing them, naturalness is the most important thing in this case. Unusual decisions will be asymmetrical hairstyles with very short hair and a long and thin cut, located in the area at the top of the head, at the temples or even at the neck. More romantic and more feminine options are trendy, especially the braids around the head, side bangs.

Braids for short hair

Hun hairstyle

Short hair will never be gathered in a bun or a shell bun, but hair stylists have invented an interesting option that has been called “half-bun.” This is also called “hun” and is considered to be one of the most fashionable decisions in 2017. The popularity of this hairstyle is due to the universality, plasticity and maximum ease of execution: hun hairstyle can be done without having special skills working with hair.

Trendy hairstyle 2017 hun

Trendy hairstyles for medium length hair

Virtually all hair stylists have the opinion that the medium length hair is a great base for experiments with hair. 2017 hairstyles are very simple, universal and practical. The stylists have endeavored to find solutions so that in the mornings it is easier to create a simple and beautiful hairstyle in a short period of time.
Medium length hairstyles 2017

Buns, half buns

Beautiful hair buns from medium hair can be made with a simple bun maker and the hairstyle will look nice and volume. Simple buns, created without additional accessories, look more natural and their fastening require much less time. For festive events, the hairstyle can be done in a longer time and with an extra effort, instead of a casual look, the simple bun is the ideal choice.

The so popular in Hollywood hun hairstyle can also be made on medium length hair. This looks slightly disordered, corresponding to the current and future trends. In addition, you will need a much shorter time to achieve it, compared to the full bun. Perhaps this is why Hollywood stars opt for hun.

Girl hair bun

Bun for medium length hair 2017

Trendy ponytails

And again, the low ponytail for medium hair is high demanded this season. In this case, we can firmly say that beauty does not require much effort, the tail is easy to achieve and does not require a firmer fit. Correspondingly, curls retain their natural gloss and do not suffer. Thus, the current trends in 2017 bring to the ladies a much-desired decision, namely the low messy ponytail, which does not require the careful combing of the hair. Ladies or girls who consider the low tail a non-expressive and dull hairstyle can opt for other options, for example, the romantic ponytail of curls or the voluminous ponytail.

Hairstyles 2017 ponytail

Trendy braids

Various braids will be the next year’s fashion complement not only for short hair styles but also for medium hair. Fashionable are French, simple and twisted hair braids, waterfall hair, “fish tail”, etc. In the opinion of stylists, the main feature of 2017 braids is considered to be clutter and slightly dull appearance. However, in the new season, smooth and ideal braids will be current, just as hair stylists recommend making them only in evening and business styles.

Braids for medium length hair 2017

Hairstyles for long hair

Although famous stylists still talk about the actuality of hairstyles for short and medium length hair, long hair owners do not have to feel shady. In fashion shows 2017, long-haired models have proven ultra-modern and complicated braids, original babette, all kinds of ponytails and easy and messy hairstyles that differ in simplicity, dynamism and elegance.

hairstyles for long hair 2017

Braids, braid, braids

Long beautifully braided hair always looks great. This year, the most current decisions are considered by hair stylists to be the following:

  • French braids (including those with volume);
  • Russian braids;
  • braided wreaths;
  • thin braids;
  • braided bangs;
  • fishtail braids;
  • cord-braids.

hairstyles for long hair 2017 braids

Buns, babette in combination with braids

From the fashion shows could not miss the buns, shell buns and “babette”, recently returned to fashion. The modern transformation of these classical-sober hairstyles implies the lack of ideally smooth strands, a deliberately messy arrangement and a slight negligence.

The stylists recommend that evening hairstyles be even more accessorized with extra big flowers or any other brilliant accessory. Very nice look “babette” hairstyles in the evening, filled with French braids, a beautiful braid in combination with a volume hairstyle, will attract the attention of those around you and will look extremely extravagant.

What are the hairstyle trends in 2017

Messy ponytails

The ponytail is a simple and very demanding hairstyle (especially among long-haired beautiful women). Its main feature will be the messy execution, without the use of styling products and hanging hairstrands. The most popular will be:

  • Medium length ponytails, braided at the base in a thin braid, then caught with a thin elastic band;
  • ponytails gathered across the length, separated with elastics on certain portions;
  • artistic ponytails, beautifully decorated with flowers, special clips or glittering ribbons;
  • transformer ponytails, that can be transformed in a bun;
  • classic high ponytails;
  • low ponytails, a trend of the year 2017.

Casual hairstyles 2017 long hair

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