Haircuts for Women 2017

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The fashion haircuts in 2017, images that fully demonstrate the variety of options and maximum simplicity in arranging, can be created on a hair with a completely different length. Short and medium length hair can be called a trend because its length allows the creation of hairstyles in a very short time. Although, the hair a bit lower than the shoulder look very feminine, and the natural hairstyle will not require complicated manipulation of hair tools and products.

Let’s see what hair design options will have to consider fashionistas in 2017.

Haircuts for short hair

Smooth short hair will lose some popularity in the next season, giving up positions to messy, shrewd and curly hairstyles. Among the most up-to-date options are cascade hairstyles and layers, bold pixie, extravagant bob and shaved neck area. Short haircuts 2017 will be unequal cuts, layered tips, asymmetrical strands, turning classical hairstyles into true artworks.

haircuts 2017 short hair


Pixie haircut for short hair, popular in previous seasons, will be present in next year, too. The universality and maximum simplicity of the hairstyle fit perfectly into the naturalness trend. In addition, due to variations, this haircut fits any type of face. As for the structure of hair, then even thin hair will look voluminous and thick. If the hair is wavy from nature, then it is filleted or trimmed, giving hairstyles a characteristic shape. The most recent decision of next year will be the asymmetric pixie haircut with creative complements: shaved neck/temples, hair strands of different lengths, highlights and oblique bangs.


haircuts 2017 pixie

Bob haircut for short hair

Certainly those who adore the short bob will be glad to find out that in 2017, the classic version of this haircut is in fashion. But the renowned hair designers could not make any changes to this haircut and completed it with some exciting new tricks – graduation, oblique bangs, asymmetrical twists, strands of different lengths. And short decisions will be fashionable: supposedly the ultra-short bob does not have to go down below the chin line.

What haircuts to wear in 2017

Bob haircut for short hair 2017

Shaved neck

Hairstyles with very short hair at the back of the neck are one of the trends of 2017. The most interesting is the classical haircut, called carre with shaved neck. In this case, the neck area is trimmed short or is shaved, highlighting and at the same time relieving the harsh lines of the haircut. Such haircuts look great on the straight hair because owners of a wavy hair, due to the specific texture of the hair, will not be able to arrange it properly. Also, the stylists do not recommend the haircut with the shaved neck to ladies with extra punds because the neck will be degassed too far and the proportions of the figure will look unequal due to the specific shape of the hairstyle.

Haircuts for women 2017 shaved neck

Haircuts for medium length hair

With medium length hair will be very fashionable next year. Famous hair designers have unanimously recognized the medium length hair a discovery of the 2017. The medium length haircuts will be in great demand due its practical, universal, simple arrangement and variety to create interesting and unusual looks – starting with delicate and feminine, and ending with business looks.

haircuts 2017 medium length hair

Long bob

Long bob is a wonderful decision for mid-length hair owners. The options for 2017 are distinguished by layers, stratification and uneven tips. The elongated bob looks great in combination with oblique bangs of different lengths, which highlight the advantages and masks the imperfections of any girl. Straight bangs will look stylish in combination with ribbed or graduated side hair strands.

haircuts 2017 long bob for medium length hair

Straight bob

Long bob with shaved neck/temples

This haircut is intended for beautiful ladies with both rounded and elongated face. The combination of long side hair strands that reach to the shoulders and shaved temples/neck make the hairstyle look not only original but also visually voluminous. The side hair strands, sharp-cut at the right angles, look good in this case.

Long asymmetric

haircuts 2017 medium length hair lateral shaved


The elongated bob can become the ideal option for beautiful round shaped face ladies because such a haircut elongates the proportions while making it look proportional. On medium-length hair it is very easy to carry haircuts, just give the hair a proper shape, keeping the length of the hair as long as possible. In 2017, the combination of elongated carre and other haircut techniques like layering, asymmetry, etc are welcomed.

Haircuts for women 2017 carre


Waterfall haircut

One of the most fashionable haircuts for medium length is the waterfall. Light-trimmed hair can be arranged in a stunning hairstyle with a hairdryer and hair products. Special accessories can create volume at the roots using the hot air jet without damaging the hair structure.

Waterfalls haircut is an ideal decision for fine hair owners, because it can create a volume without aggressive methods of styling. In addition, the hairstyles can change the appearance of the hair: the eyes will look more expressive, the lips more sensual and the face will get feminine features. Ladies with full or round face should not opt for volume haircuts because in this case the face will round up even more. While the waterfall with the spiked or twisted tips looks great even on the fashionistas with extra weight.

medium length haircuts 2017 waterfalls

medium length blonde hair waterfalls

Haircuts for long hair

The basic innovation of haircut trends for 2017 is the definitive discrepancy of straight cuts and the popularity of graduated and textured hair.

haircuts for long hair 2017

long hair brunettes

Waterfall haircut for long hair

Waterfall haircut for long hair will be very popular this year. However, the execution technique and the shape of the hairstyle differ significantly from similar options in the previous seasons. The most recent graduate decisions in 2017 are asymmetrical contrasts (long hair/shaved temples), big messy curls, and long hair left on the back, slightly ruffled. Ladies who prefer classic haircuts/hairstyles, without extra extravagant additions, can opt for the traditional waterfall, arranged on one side.

Haircuts for women 2017 waterfall for long hair

Haircuts with bangs

In 2017, long and long bangs will be fresh again. However, bangs do not have to be ideal for straight hair, say hair stylists, because fashionable are the pointed tips. Also, in combination with long hair are welcomed the front bangs with different shapes: triangular, curled etc. In addition, all bangs have to be arranged in one side because this is considered to be fashionable in the new season.

The long hair will look particularly beautiful and original in 2017 along with long asymmetrical bangs as well as short and oblique frontal hair strands. In addition, round and oval shaped face ladies brides can afford to experience the current combination of the new year called the short-haired bang.

Haircuts with bangs 2017

The year 2017 promises to be a very varied and unusual one. Trendy haircuts will help you look to the fullest at any time of the year, just choose the one that benefits you the most and feel good wearing it.

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