Hair Color Trends Spring-Summer 2016

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The sunny spring days are closer and closer. Now is the perfect time to refresh your look by using a fashionable coloring. In addition, nothing can raise a woman’s mood, but a renewed hair color especially because spring-summer 2016 hair color trends are different than those from winter. So do not risk looking outdated by finding out the most actual hair color trends.

Super blondes: actual hair colors for light haired

We’ll start with the trends for light haired girls. Namely for them, next season stylists have prepared one of the most diverse color palettes. If we talk in general, then in the spring-summer season 2016 we recommend them to opt for warm and natural shades of blondes. One of the leading places in our top with blond shades is occupied by caramel blonde- soft, feminine and very delicate.

2016 Hair Color Trends for blondes

Shades of golden blonde, honey blonde and champagne blonde will also be present in Spring. But closer to the summer season, in their place will come less intense colors such as sandy blonde, blonde with reflections or baby blond. The exception is only the strawberry blond, a light-colored mixture with strawberry pink reflections.

Blonde shades

Honey blonde

Gray blonde shades

Dark blonde

Seductive more than ever: actual hair colors for brown haired

If you have decided that the rich palette makes blondes favorites this spring, then we hurry to change your mind. Brown haired is especially “cool” this spring-summer 2016 season. Absolutely all the natural shades of brown with natural reflection are a must have. Also actual are hair colors in shades of chocolate, cinnamon, dark chestnut, hazelnut.

Chocolate shade

Light brown

Hair colors 2016 for brown haired

But the most current hair tone for brow haired will become “espresso”, a warm shade of brown with coffee reflections.

Dark brown

hair color 2016 short hair

More natural and darker: actual colors for dark haired

In the new season, dark haired girls are not getting such a rich color palette. Stylists have decided that in the spring-summer 2016 season they will please us only with natural black color. The truth is that to dilute such a reserved color range, there are some “cheerful” undertones allowed closer to summer – purple, gray, blue or purple.

Brunette hair color 2016 spring summer

Hair color 2016: brunettes

Hairstyles for dark haired

Ginger red: the most stylish colors for red haired

Red haired girls have more luck because like brown haired, these are fashionable as well. Stylists offer redheads the chance to choose their favorite color independently. In other words, do you want an orange hair color – go for it! Think of a fire red? Well, do not refuse this pleasure.

Red haired celebrities

Red hair color 2016

But still, if we are talking about favorites, then in the new season stylists recommend redheads to choose shades of bronze.

Ginger red shade

Ginger red hair

What color should we dye our hair in Spring-Summer 2016?

As regards the hair coloring trends, then among the existing diversity of techniques, a special attention deserves the Balayage technique, a very subtle, almost unnoticed transition, from dark roots to light ends.

Hair dyed in Balayage technique

2016 Hair Color Trends

Also, among this season favorites is the opal hair coloring technique. Its palette of colors is almost close to the “cosmic” shades hair coloring, but it’s distinguished by more soft and pastels colors.

Light hair colors

The hair strands dyed in more intense colors like blue or purple, which look so nice on dark hair, will also remain actual in the warm season. We recommend blondes to draw attention to one of the current trend in 2016 – the pink quartz, which is especially lovely with light colored hair strands.

blue strands

Spring Summer 2016 Hair coloring trends

Pink tones

These are the hair color trends for spring – summer 2016, Dear blondes, dark haired and brown haired, be a fashionable!

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