Gel Nail Designs 2017

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Last year was memorable by bubble manicures, and fortunately, this trend did not remain with us long. In 2017 there are some news regarding nail gel designs, but all are characterized by naturalness and elegance.

In addition to these updates, we expect some changes in timeless trends like halfmoon and French manicure. New variations on ombre theme and striped manicure are presented. But let’s take them one at a time.

The New French Manicure

The classic style is eternal, and gel French manicure, too. If previously it was not the case to worry about the color combination and the creation of certain patterns, then now, the fashion require adding manicure originality and dynamism. So, forget the duo of white and pink nail polish, fashion is the colorful French, French manicure with different “smile” patterns, French millennium and Fun French manicure.

Gel Nails 2017

The diverse palette of gel nail polish allows the transformation of classic French manicure into a real boom of color. You can choose either two bright colors, which will be in contrast, or you can use as the main color a coating with transparent shellac, and you can apply on nail tips any juicy color.

Gel French new designs

Millennium French manicure looks very festive, when on the nail plate it is applied a transparent nail polish and the “smile” is covered with glitter.

French manicure with glitter

Fun French is another novelty in French manicure design. In this case, the nail tip is decorated with any type of setting: beads, tin foil or it is covered with a chameleon nail polish or with holographic effect.


A current combination is the glossy and matte coating. For example, the nail base polish is covered with matte gel and the nail tip with glossy polish.

gel French on natural nail

The trends for 2017 prompt us to do experiments, in French manicure – with the line “smile”. This can be double, triple, triangular, oblique, V-shaped or any other shape.

V shaped French

The New Half Moon Manicure

The half moon manicure also became a classic manicure, which is opposed to the French one. The “smile” line can be curved or bent or may have any geometric shape. In general, geometric design is a hit in nail art industry several seasons in a row.

Gel half moon manicure 2017

On the lune can be applied a tin foil, and the rest of the nail can be applied preventively a gel polish. If you want everything at once, you can combine several manicure ideas simultaneously, for example, the classic French with half moon manicure.

summer halfmoon

In Fall and winter opt for manicure in cool dark shades: brown, burgundy, gray … in Spring pick cheesy Summer colors: yellow, green, blue, raspberry.

Gel Framed Manicure

The novelty of 2017 in terms of nails ideas, and as a result, a fashion trend is the framed manicure. To create a fine line on the edges of the nail, first apply a coat of polish that will be the frame itself, and then apply a layer of nail polish in different hue. The ideal combination is black and white.

semi-permanent 2017

Moreover, for the summer season we recommend you to choose bright juicy colors that will be contrasted and on the final layer coating you can apply a certain image.

what are the nail trends in 2017

The framed manicure does not fit anyone. Such a design is appropriate only for beautiful long nails with elongated or almond shape.

Cat Eye Manicure

This nail design is not so new making its appearance a few years ago, but in 2017 it reached the height of its popularity. The cat eye manicure look ideal in the natural shade of chrysoberyl stone: brown, green, gray, blue. It is allowed the decoration of the lune with liquid stones, glitter, drawings, etc.

Gel nail designs 2017 trends

This unusual glow effect is obtained by applying a special gel nail polish, containing fine particles of metal and under the influence of the magnet, without which it is impossible to create such a manicure.

Cat Eye manicure


The striped manicure, which has become the main trend of the year 2017, could not be overlooked. And no matter if you choose stripes as the main design, or if you complete it with classic French, this season, the fingernails must have stripes on hand and feet.

Striped gel nail designs

Stripes have become very different: vertical, horizontal, zigzag, spiral, marine blue and white, on colored backgrounds or under transparent nail polish.


The Sunset Effect

The sunset inspired manicure is the continuation of previous seasons design, namely ombre or gradient. Such new novelty in terms of nail designs is more suitable for summer because the color palette consists of intense shades of orange, red, yellow and blue, which mimics the color of the sky during summer sunset.

gel nail ideas

Shattered Glass Nails

The novelty in the field of gel nail designs originated in South Korea and gets increasingly more and more popularity. The manicure shows nail styling with so-called shards of mirror and glass, obtained by applying aluminum foil stickers with special holographic effect or pieces of film. As a result, the shards glow in different colors and the shade will depend on the color of the gel nail polish.

gel nail designs 2017 shattered glass

In order to get that deep reflection, these particles will be applied on a black background or on other dark background. The emphasis can be put on one finger or on all fingers.

gel nails in 2017

Emphasis on ring finger

Another novelty that has its origins in Asia is the manicure with focus on the ring finger. This nail design belongs to the fen-shui manicure. The truth is that if previously it was executed in accordance with the rules of Taoist philosophy, then now it is just a fashion trend.

Simple gel manicure

The ring finger can be highlighted with different colors, can be decorated with glitter or can be embellished with stones and liquid crystal, decorative mesh or artistic images.

Round gel nail design

3D Braided Nails

A real boom in manicure has 3D braided nails, which consists of yarns of wool, tin, diamonds, etc. The author is the Russian nail designer Ekaterina Mirosnicenko, the author of several known techniques in the field of nail art design.

gel nail designs 2017 3D effect

If you want your nails to have the texture of the loved sweater, it is necessary that on the layer of gel polish to apply an ornament using the gel and fix under a UV lamp. Choose as background mate pastel shades.

Most current gel nail designs 2017

2017 brings thousands of ideas in terms of gel nail designs. Therefore, you really have a lot of source of inspiration. Try the framed manicure or shattered glass nails and maybe namely that manicure idea you’ll enjoy in what follows.

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