Eva Mendes will become the face of Estée Lauder new products

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The cosmetic brand Estée Lauder launches a new line of skin care products under the name of New Dimension, and the face of it will become the actress Eva Mendes. The beloved of Ryan Gosling and the young mother appeared in advertising of the products from the new collection in a natural look, where the emphasis was put on the natural beauty of her skin.

Eva Mendes Estee Lauder new products

Eva was filmed in the advertising of New Dimension with this look not accidentally – the new products will be used to improve the skin, and they will be universal, that means suitable for women of all ages. The main ingredient of the products is the collagen complex, the hyaluronic acid and fibronectin, that promotes the skin regeneration. These ingredients are commonly found in cosmetics for young skin, and in anti-age products, so the serum New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum and New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape, which will be included in the product line, will be suitable for everyone.

Eva Mendes face of Estee Lauder

Mendez believes that these products will be helpful for women, including herself: “”When you’re on a red carpet, you’re photographed from every angle and you can’t control that. But if you have products you love, once you go out there, you don’t worry as much. It’s a confidence booster.”

The New Dimension products will be on sale in America in May, and their international launch is scheduled for September.

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