Dakota Johnson, the star of “50 shades of gray” new hair cut

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The star of the controversial trilogy “50 shades of gray“, the 25-year-old Dakota Johnson, was seen today on the streets of New York with a new image. Her long brown curls are now in the distant past.

The fans of the actress are wondering if maybe the new haircut actress is associated with the shooting of the“50 shades of gray“, or perhaps with the recent reunion of the actress with her ex-boyfriend, the model and musician Matthew Hitt. Well, some do believe that Dakota decided to do that in order to be more like her screen spouse lover Jamie Dornan. But most likely it is nothing more than a fashion caprice.

Dakota Johnson new hair cut

The elongated “Bob” haircut is becoming more popular day by day. Among its fans”, in the past year have been seen also Vanessa Hudgens, Evangeline Lily, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Elle Fanning and even Beyonce.

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