Ariana Grande revealed a new miniature tattoo

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The actress and singer Ariana Grande simply loves tattoos. The girl not only once talk about that in an interview and the composition Tattooed Heart in her performance can be considered as a proof of that. Well, frankly, it is not so difficult to guess: a tattoo in form of a heart on the index finger of the right leg, the inscription Mille Tendresse («A lot of tenderness“) on the neck and Bellissima («The most beautiful”) on the chest Now there are four Ariana stuffed a small crescent behind the ear.

Ariana Grande new miniature tattoo

First who found out about this were the subscribers of Grande on Instagram, where she shared a romantic black and white image. Ariana did not answer the questions about what symbolizes the drawing, but attentive fans noted that exactly the same crescent appeared on the neck of her dancer Brian Nicholson. It is unlikely that one can speak about a relationship, because everyone who follows the work of Ariana, are well aware that she and Brian have a very close friendship.

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