5 Efficient Tips to Take Care of The Neck and Chest Area

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Every single day leads us to summer, a special time when all women flourish. They wear short low-necked dresses, which show off not only legs, but also the neck and the upper part of the chest. It would be perfect if those parts look good, but if not-follow our beauty program!

Usually, we pay attention to the prevention of ageing on the face, but we forget about neck and chest skin. In best cases, these tender and soft parts of women’s body receive a thin layer of the product we usually apply on the face. In fact, it’s not a bad thing, but you can’t say that it’s enough.

Neck and chest area take care tips

Dermatologists say that the face skin of the majority of women is usually normal, combined, sometimes oily, but very often dry and sensitive. That means that even the best and more expensive products for face will not satisfy the needs of always dry, thin and sensible near chest skin. In order to prevent ageing, you need to begin a full care program.

Clean and invigorate

During morning toilet, rinse the neck and chest area with cold water. Don’t forget about the back of the neck, it also needs care. After that, clean these areas with cotton pads with cosmetic milk, cream or high-quality oil. After that, go to the next step – invigoration. A fresh, tonified and a shining skin will be obtained with the help of an alcohol free lotion for normal and dry skin type. But that’s not all!

2 or 3 times a week, the procedure of peeling is mandatory. It can be combined with scrubbing during the shower. Opt for cleansing or peeling with fruit acids. These beauty-tips, carefully remove all died skin’s cells, enhance blood-transportation and guarantee the access of the subsequent moisturizing of the deep skin layers.

Moisturize and protect

The cream is applied on wet skin after cleaning and invigorating. In the morning, use a moisturizing cream with ultraviolet filter 30 SPF, not less. Sun protection-one of the most important steps in care process, after all, UV-rays destroy collagens and elastine, have a bad influence on capacity of the organism to form new cells, forcing the ageing. The ingredients lists of a cream must contain: retinol, vitamins A and E, silica derivatives and oils.

In the evening, use a nourishing cream, it would be perfect if it will be a liquid emulsion or a cream-gel. Apply the product on the skin with up-down movements, from clavicles to the chin.

Feed and spoil

At least ones a week, spoil the neck and chest area with nourishing masks, full of vitamins, stretching, rejuvenating. For this purpose, the ones that you use for face are good, except, the ones that are for oily skin, but more effective are the products that are made especially for neck and chest area.

Among efficient procedures, the massage with oils of the neck and chest area is also recommended. It can be done at home. Take a little amount of oil in hands and put it on neck and chest area. With delicate and massaging motions, without stretching the skin, do it on all areas; starting with the center of the chest to the shoulders, and then from the base of the neck to the chin. Take away the excess of oil with a napkin. Massage is contraindicated to those who have skin disorders.

Do not gather circles

The horizontal round wrinkles on the neck have been named „Venera’s rings”, and you can’t name it a beautiful necklace. It appears as a result of natural ageing process and earlier decrepitude of muscles. If you already protect your neck’s skin with cosmetic products and efficient procedures, your muscles still must be stretched.

As Brigit Bardo advices,  all you have to do is to look more at the stars and also regularly perform these exercises:

Bend your head ahead, and slowly, without hurrying up, do some reversals to left and right. Repeat it for 10 times.

Put the chin ahead and stay like this for 5-10 seconds, after that put it in your usual position. Repeat it for 20 times.

Take a pencil in your teeth and write in the air your favorite poem counting at the same time to 30.

Say „no” to wrinkles

Wrinkles are easier to prevent, then to treat-this is the truth. Great prophylactic methods for these unpleasant processes are the contrasting compresses. Using them one time a week, you will considerably improve your skin tone, increase its elasticity and delay the apparition of wrinkles.

Prepare 2 bowls: in the first one pour cold water and add some ice cubes, and in the second one pour hot water. Damp a small towel for few seconds in cold water put it on your neck and chest area. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat the same procedure with hot water. Repeat it 10 times. End it with cold water and a moisturizing cream with lifting effect.

And if wrinkles already appeared, go to a specialist. For rejuvenation of the neck and chest skin, dermatologists will advice you to do some chemical peeling, mesotherapy, bio-revitalization, laser-rejuvenation or cryoteraphy. The procedure will be made depending on your skin condition.

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