5 Beauty Products You Can Save On

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Probably, you have long been accustomed to the fact that cosmetics are important items of expenses, as you never save money for yourself! But there are beauty products that are simply senseless to buy for a lot of money you will never get miraculous results, because these products in low-cost options are virtually indistinguishable from their luxury counterparts.

We present to your attention five products, you can purchase for less money from democratic brands.

Save on beauty products

Face toner

The face toner is designed to refresh, cleanse the skin and neutralize the hard water. The main ingredient of most of the toners for oily skin includes alcohol – its concentration can even reach 50 percent. If we are talking about products for dry skin, you need to choose alcohol-free versions with plant extracts, oils and water-soluble vitamins. The composition of elite brands toners and budget brands toner is not significantly different, the skin will not feel the difference. In the first case, you will only pay for a nicer packaging and a perfumed flavor. However, this is also important!

Hair oil

Recently, the hair oil is very popular and is used along with such essential products like masks and balms. But it is important to understand that the oil produced by well-known brands, in most cases, do not treat and nourish the hair from the inside – their effect is only cosmetic. Do not confuse “Hair oil” products with a long ingredients list on the label with natural oils, such as coconut, burdock or olive. The last mentioned can actually make the hair look more healthy, but in order to achieve a noticeable effect, natural oils should be applied along the entire length from root to tip, pre-heating before. After that, on the head is put a plastic cap and the oil mask acts for 1-2 hours.

If we speak about cosmetic oil, then in its composition are included not only natural, but also synthetic components. Apply such product from tips to the mid length, never inworking in roots. The main goal of such oil is to give the hair shine and close the “fluffed” scales after washing. Both more expensive and economy versions contain different mixtures of oils: argan, avocado, macadamia, almond and many others. But in general, the effect obtained from the use is identical.

Caring lipstick

The caring lipstick is the number one product that we have in our purse all year. Its main task is to moisturize the lips. The main ingredients of both expensive and cheaper lipsticks are wax, fats and oils. Most often it is made on the basis of beeswax with the addition of castor oil and lanolin (fat from sheep’s wool). As a rule, the caring lipstick also contains groups of vitamins such as A, E and C – even the most democratic brands do not skimp on that. Expensive lipsticks can have a pleasant smell or presence of collagen, when it comes to anti-age means. But usually we do not expect miracles from this lipstick so we can safely save money, acquiring a simple option in the pharmacy.

Products for oily skin

Do not get too ruined by acquiring products to fight with acne and blackheads. The fact is that cosmetic products can not solve internal problems, because of which there are rashes on the skin, there is likely to have to deal with the digestive system, hormones, or consult a dermatologist. But if you still decided to help your skin with cosmetics, just look at the label: gels or masks for oily skin should include such well-known components as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and sulfur. They are part of both expensive and budget products.

Body scrub beauty products you can save on

Body scrub

Each body scrub contains two main components – these are, in fact, the scrubbing particles and a soap base. The product replaces the washcloth and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Usually, in budgetary funds are used synthetic scrubbing particles, while in more expensive – natural scrubbing particles, for example, crushed apricot pits. Nevertheless, you will not feel much of a difference, but if you want to use only natural scrubs, it is easier and cheaper to do it at home, on the basis of a shower gel and ground coffee.

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