4 Types of Hair Removal, which will help get rid of hair forever

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We cannot manage to forget about the razor and hair removal cream without the help of professionals. We decided to find out, if the game is worth the candle and if we can make our skin perfectly smooth forever.

4 types of hair removal epilation

Electrolysis hair removal

Today, this technique is widely considered to be an outdated one, but we strongly recommend not writing it off, because as to its efficiency there are no competitors available yet.

How does it work? Electrolysis specialist introduces a special needle into the hair follicle and destroys it with current discharge. After that, the hair is removed with tweezers; however it should go without effort. If you feel how the master pulls it out, this means that something went wrong, and another hair will certainly appear in this place.

For whom this method is good enough? This method works on any type of skin and removes even very blonde hair, with which cannot cope other types of hair removal.

Does it hurt? Before the procedure itself, the necessary areas of skin are most often analogized with lidocaine? But if you are highly sensitive, it will still be unpleasant. The entire process takes an average from half an hour (the area above the upper lip) up to four hours (leg hair removal). The procedure is painful, but the effort will be rewarded with perfect smoothness almost forever. The main thing is not to appoint a date for the next few days: because there will remain small crusts on the skin. They must not be touched.

Laser hair removal

The procedure is almost painless and takes less time than the previous one. The skin is not damaged, so you shouldn’t be afraid of consequences.

What are the contraindications? The most common are considered to be skin disorders, diabetes, pregnancy and lactation, multiple moles, allergy in the acute stage, burns, bruises, scrapes, herpes and oncology.

Are there any risks? Carefully choose the clinic and the master. There is a chance to get severe burns or provoke the appearance of age spots, after the procedure with a non-professional cosmetologist or defective devices.

How does it work? The laser beam heats the hair follicle destroying both the follicle and the vessel, which feeds it. After the procedure, the hair remains on the surface of the skin. It is important to wait from a half to two weeks without pulling them out and without removing them with the wax, so that they fall out independently. The session takes a bit of time: lower leg – 20 minutes, legs fully – 40 minutes, and bikini area can be done in only 10-15 minutes. There are several types of laser, which are different by wavelength of the emitted light, and duration of the impulses. Let’s look at the benefits of each.

Alexandrite laser

It is called so because of the use of alexandrite crystal enriched with chromium. Unlike other types, it burns the hair at the surface, so the skin will be smooth immediately after the procedure. It is considered ideal for the area above the upper lip.

Who should choose it? Fair-skinned brunettes, since the radiation is absorbed by cells, containing melanin. The darker and tougher hair, the more pronounced the effect is. It is better to begin a session two weeks before or after sun exposure – the risk of burns is higher than at the use of other lasers.

Does it hurt? The flash is accompanied by a stream of cold air, so it is easily tolerated and even the owners of hypersensitive skin will feel themselves comfortable.

Diode Laser

It is considered absolutely safe. The program is simply blocked as the system meets the slightest doubts as to the correctness of the procedure. The hair will disappear from skin surface in 10-14 days after the treatment.

Who should choose it? Most devices work also on tanned skin; it is enough if 3-5 days have passed after sun exposure.

Does it hurt? Vacuum headers – distract the attention, cooling systems – help to minimize the pain. The maximum we can feel is skin heating and light tingling. The redness will disappear in an hour.

Nd Laser

Nd laser is poorly absorbed by melanin and well absorbed by hemoglobin, so it is used for the vessels treatment, tattoo removal and rejuvenation procedures.

Who should choose it? The system was originally developed for dark-skinned people, so tan is not an obstacle for it. The sessions can be carried out even in summer. Devices of a mixed type combine alexandrite and Nd laser, so they remove hair of any thickness.

Does it hurt? Devices of the latest generation are equipped with cooling system and you will probably not feel any discomfort.


This procedure will help achieve rapid visible results, but you will have to reserve considerable patience to get rid of the hair completely..

How does it work? The bulbs are removed by intense pulsed light. The Flash „kills” the hair when it is in the growth stage and it will fall during next 20 days. The trick is to catch this stage. Otherwise, the hair will appear again, only more subtle and light, it will be almost imperceptible, but not entirely removed.

Who should choose it? Brunettes first of all. It is important that hair be darker than skin tones, so if you are a tanned blonde, then this method is definitely not for you. Also consider that a full course of photoepilation is rather long and takes an average from 6 months to a year.

Does it hurt? The latest generation of devices provides a cooling system which makes the process almost painless. All you have to do is to find a clinic with the newest equipment. Ask them to show the passport of the system. The absence of a document is a flagrant violation.

ELOS epilation

This type of hair removal was considered very effective and safe for long time. But the high cost and a large number of restrictions significantly reduced the number of its fans.

How does it work? The hair is destroyed in the growth stage, due to the combined effects of the energy of the light beam and the electric current (Electro Optical Synergy). On the surface, the procedure is no different from a photo or laser one. Sometimes a small edema remains on the skin, it usually subsides within a day – this happens due to the use of current. It is this method that often has discounts and promotions. Be attentive, sometimes unfair beauty salons save on timely replacement of the headers and reduce the price of the procedure due to the use of the old ones.

Who should choose it? For notable results a strong contrast between the skin and hair is required. And remember, the procedure cannot be performed if you just came back from the beach with a strong tan or you are going to the sea. In this case, Elos hair removal can cause pigmentation disorders.

Does it hurt? When this method has just appeared, it was positioned as a completely painless one. But indeed, it all depends on your innate pain threshold. In any case, the master will first apply anesthetic on the treated area. But many admit that even after this, they hardly endure the procedure.

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