16 myths about own care that make women look worse

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It would seem that at the moment, girls know everything about cosmetics: they’re reading blogs, take part in profile communities, buy glossy magazines and visit specialized websites..But still there are myth deep there in our minds that are not so easy to be taken away. But we don’t surrender!

Face foundation dehydrates the skin

Modern face foundation products usually contain complex moisturizing substances that retain the moisture. For this purpose, most often are used aloe vera gel extract, chamomile and calendula, and often – hyaluronic acid. And if to remember that we have in our arsenal BB and CC creams to treat skin and downright directly moisturize it … In general, if you have dry skin – do not blame the face foundation!

Myths about care

Face foundations contribute to skin aging

Canadian dermatologists compared two groups of women: who are and who are not using foundation. The results will please you: makeup lovers’ skin looked younger! There is an explanation for this. Face foundation and powder are hiding like a veil the skin from wind, dust and urban smog, and if they contain SPF, even from the sun! In addition, the tonal resources often contain antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and stops skin aging. Check your favorite products: fine, if they have in their composition vitamin E, C, squalene and oil.

There are products that tighten the pores

Do not get upset, the size of the pores is determined by heredity. So all claims are to mom and dad. Cosmetic companies make billions by offering the consumer (you!), countless serums, masks and other products, who allegedly will get you rid of pores for an unlimited period of time. Do not give in! In most cases, this is a purely visual effect, the pores become less visible because the are tightly packed with keratin, sebum … and breed bacteria. Do you really need that? If you are concerned about pores, pick up a good foundation, and to remove pigmentation, which emphasizes the pores, will help creams with retinol.

It is better to give your skin a chance to breathe at night and to not use a night cream

Our body is arranged in a manner that mainly at night all recovery processes are taking place, including in the skin. Washing off the face of the daily accumulated dirt and makeup, boldly apply a good nourishing and moisturizing cream. It does not clog the pores, and will not interfere with the natural breathing of the skin.

Preservatives from care products are harmful to the skin

Let’s face it: you are ready to keep your makeup products in a special (separate!) refrigerator, taking the cream from the jar only with a sterile spatula and replace even unfinished jar not less than once every 3-4 days? That’s it. Preservatives prevent the disintegration of the ingredients, have antibacterial effect and prolong the shelf life of the product in an unsealed container. Tell them “Thank you” and remember that all of these substances have passed a strict dermatological control.

Any alcohol components are drying the skin

If we talk specifically about alcohol, of course it dries the skin. But as a rule, you can see on the label,the word alcohol, right? Alcohol components have a set of applications. Alcohol may be a humectant, solvent, emulsifier and even an antioxidant. In the cosmetic industry most often are used propylene glycol (humectant), Tocopherol (antioxidant), cetyl alcohol (thickener), SD Alcohol 40 (grease solvent) and stearyl alcohol (softens, moisturizes). And there is nothing wrong with them!

Acne arise from dirt

Yes, we have been listening that since childhood… Acne arise from dirty hands, and no comment! And blackheads are dirt, clogged in pores! In fact, the cause of acne is  the increased sebum secretion and changes in its composition. The result of which is the disrupted barrier function of the skin and creation of the conditions for bacterial growth. Therefore it is necessary to correctly choose and regularly use special products for washing and care of problem skin, or even better – to visit a dermatologist. And the constant washing destroys the lipid barrier that protects the skin, and the situation is only getting worse.

Facial tonics are a waste of money

Here we will not recommend to save money. The facial tonic is needed every time you clean your face, no matter if you did that with water, foam or if you prefer to wipe the face with a lotion. In both cases, the cleansing process violates the acid balance of the skin, while the tonic just recovers it.

It is useful to wipe the face with ice

Not for all and not always. On the one hand, this process helps to cheer up and refresh your skin. On the other – such actions are contraindicated for anyone with weak  or too close to the skin blood vessels; instead of a healthy complexion, you risk to find spider veins.

Cellulite is related to the amount of water consumed

Paradoxically, but along with advices like “to drink more water in order to get rid of cellulite” and statements that say that an excess of moisture in the body is one of the causes of cellulite. Both are false. The fact is that our fat cells are by 10% made up of water that is, no matter how much you limit yourself to drink water, you can not “squeeze” it out of them, and no matter how much you drink, you will never replenish the cell with more than it is able to take.

If you apply on nails nailpolish all the time, they’ll become brittle

If to apply it correctly, over the base coat that contains vitamins and proteins, it will strengthen your nails providing a certain protective cloth. “Naked”, unprotected by nailpolish nails are more often damaged because of micro hits we do not feel and observe (for example when using the keyboard). As regards nails “breathe”, this is the biggest myth. Just think about it: the nail is a keratinized plate. Do you think it can breathe?!

Facial massage leads to a rapid stretching of the skin and its aging

Exactly the opposite: face and neck massage produces a lifting effect – that is, it tightens the skin, improves the blood circulation and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Even Coco Chanel spoke about that and another Frenchwoman, Joel Siokko, has developed a special range of massage that made her world famous, and her massage is the favorite procedure of many Hollywood stars.

Rinsing hair with cold water makes them rich color and shine

Cold leads to a temporary narrowing of blood vessels, the flow of nutrients to the roots of the hair stops, the hair test a shock that is not useful for him. To hair shone, just wash the hair well from shampoo and apply a good styling product with glitter effect. Or do lamination. But the water here is innocent.

Split hair tips can be cured by means of special products for the tips of the hair, if you use them regularly

Unfortunately, it is not true. Some products glue the split tips because they contain high viscosity silicones. However, once you comb or wash your hair, everything will return to normal. Split hair tips has to be cut.

The influence of ultraviolet radiation on the hair is harmless, because the hair can not burn

That may be so, but UV light reduces the strength of the structural protein of the hair shaft the keratin, so after prolonged exposure to the sun, the hair becomes dry and brittle. Bear in mind that the shampoos and conditioners that contain sunscreens are not very effective – they are simply washed off with water together with these filters.  But styling sprays and durably waterproof conditioners with UV filters are all that you need.

If to use a long time the same cosmetic product, you get used to it, and the effect disappears

Complete nonsense. No cream, shampoo or deodorant is addictive, otherwise it would have equated to drugs or at least to nicotine. It is that the skin, hair and nails depend on a million factors, ranging from hormonal and finishing with food. Therefore, if your cream suddenly stopped working, then your skin needs now another care and other components.

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