10 ways to make cosmetic ice for different skin types

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The cosmetic ice is a real rescue for your skin in hot weather. It is not difficult to make it and it has a lot of advantages if used – it tonifies, refreshes, helps doing a micro massage, improves the blood circulation and fills the skin with natural micro-elements. The important thing here is to correctly choose the components of the ice for your skin type.

You can wipe the skin with the cosmetic ice cube every day, but in order to have a better result, you need to follow some rules. Take a piece of ice and without pressure do a light massage of the face, without stopping in one place, but quickly moving the cube.

Cosmetic ice for different skin types: dry, oily, combination, problematic and normal skin

It will not hurt also to pay attention to the neck and chest area – sometimes we forget that the skin in these areas need the same care as the face. You do not want your neck to later betray your age, don’t you?

For dry skin

Berries. For dry skin, best to freeze the ice is from red berries juice – it will help keep the moisture within a few hours. For this purpose, you can use any seasonal product – strawberries, raspberries, mountain ash, or hawthorn. It is very easy to prepare the ice – squeeze the juice from berries through a cheesecloth, pour it into the molds and put in the freezer for a few hours.

Milk. Animal fats contained in milk are capable to qualitatively moisturize your dry skin. So feel free to make the ice, but do not forget to slightly dilute the milk with water – otherwise it will be very difficult to freeze it.

For oily skin

Lemon. The iced lemon juice, which besides is full of vitamin C, can narrow the pores and eliminate the shine of the oily skin. Just consider that the undiluted juice is too acidic, it can disrupt the natural PH balance of the skin or even cause allergies. Therefore, dilute it with water at a ratio of 1: 1.

Camomile. A decoction of chamomile has drying and antiseptic properties, so it is perfect for oily skin. Dry petals can be purchased at the pharmacy, brewing 1-2 tablespoons in boiled water. Let it cool slightly, pour into molds and freeze it – done!

For combination skin

Mint. Your combination skin needs ice, which will not dry up the problem areas, but at the same time will remove the shine in the notorious T-Zone. For this purpose, mint broth is perfect¬† – it tightens the pores and it’s very refreshing.

Oatmeal. Very useful for combination skin is the infusion of oat flakes, which calms and enhances the natural tone of the face. You will not need the porridge (it can be easily ate for breakfast) – pour boiling water over the oatmeal and leave for a few hours, then strain through a cheesecloth or a wicking mesh – this transparent white liquid should be sent to the freezer.

For problematic skin

Sea salt. You probably know that the sea water is the first remedy for acne and pimples, while relaxing on the sea your face always becomes much cleaner. In order to repeat the “holiday effect”, make a solution with sea salt, by poring one teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water and stir. The ice from seawater will have antiseptic properties and will help you deal with the problem.

Tilia and lemon. If you really have a problematic skin, you have some work to do and get some tilia from pharmacy! The result is truly spectacular – a decoction of tilia flowers helps to cope with irritation and rashes on the skin due to its antiseptic effect. Two tablespoons of dried tilia flowers need to be brew in a glass of water, and in order to fix the success, add a teaspoon of lemon juice.

For normal skin

Mineral water. Happy and rare owners of normal skin do not need to philosophize much. Do you expect from the cosmetic ice only freshness and a light lifting effect? Then just freeze “mineral water” – it will suit any bottled water from the store.

Watermelon juice. A feeling of freshness and coolness will provide you the watermelon ice. It has also a very nice smell and creates a truly summer mood! The watermelon juice has tonic properties, and therefore it’s perfect for a morning ice massage.

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